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Mary attempts to marry Catholic Claude to Protestant Conde to broker peace, but Claude has different ideas while Greer discovers her ties to the Protestant uprising may be more personal than she thought.

Francis and Conde meet with the people but are interrupted by a summons from Bash.

Francis is not interested in Mary's suggestion, but she doesn't know why, only that he has "fallen completely to the nobles."

Francis and Bash try to determine who how to get rid of Narcisse. They are babbling about Balfont, Montgomery and so many other things. It's difficult to keep it all together.

Francis realizes he has to push the man to the brink and he decides to use Claude's engagement to Conde as the catalyst.

Mary's next move is to ask Conde if he will marry Claude. She's not his ideal wife, but he seems amenable to being a symbol for France.

Claude isn't all that excited at the prospect of marrying Conde, but she hasn't seen his handsome ass yet.

Catherine wants a man who for Claude who lives away from her castle. We know why, but Mary doesn't.

Claude likes what she sees as she pans up and down on Conde. He hopes if they marry they will only want each other. It's a very cute scene.

Narcisse is finally pissed and goes to Francis as he hoped. He piles on the stress to Narcisse and tries to get his gander up. 

Bash is pleased with Francis' performance.

Narcisse goes to Claude behind Francis' back with his own offer of marriage. Narcisse puts his hands up Claude's skirts as a way to convince her to him.

Francis goes to Claude to ask her to marry Conde for France. She has always wanted to do something in support of the family and realm, and this is it. She wants him to go to Narcisse and turn down his proposal. She's not very cool when she does it.

Narcisse immediately calls for Montgomery. He wants to overthrow Francis before he can make decisions Narcisse cannot change.

Francis and Bash have an escape plan in place for Mary's safety. She may be exiled if Francis is killed, but she will be safe and alive.

Francis tries to make amends with Mary before leaving. He asks to gaze upon her. Enough, she asks? Not nearly, he replies.

Narcisse tries to get on Catherine's good side, but he has no idea what she's truly up against, any more than she him.

At the party, Greer and Castleroy dance. She is prepared to convert to Protestantism for him. It makes him randy.

For some reason, just as she's asking Conde to marry someone he barely knows, she launches into her beliefs about marriage. The best are based in certainty. An inexplicable faith in someone else. She announces the marriage.

Bash and Francis get to Montgomery where they try to get him to sign a confession for killing Henry with Francis' pardon.

Meanwhile, the bad guys arrive at the castle. Some boy talk and the gates are opened. Nice security.

Conde is leaving, with a message left for Mary. He must get some distance from her.

Bash kills Montgomery when it becomes clear he knows Francis was the real killer.

Mary's room is infiltrated. Bash sends Francis back to his wife. Mary, meanwhile is fighting for her life. One of the men backhands her to the ground. His name is Severn. The man proceeds to rape Mary, not caring she's a Queen, while the other man holds her down. 

Catherine sees Mary in the hallway. She doesn't know what has happened, but when Mary starts to talk she knows she was attacked. 

The Protestant leader goes to Castleroy's house looking for funds to get out of town to safety because he knows he'll be blamed. Castleroy thinks he is to blame and then tells him why. Only then does the leader look to his squire (or whatever he is) and realize what has happened to the money he honestly intended to use to build a new church, etc.

Greer cannot believe she and her husband funded an assassination attempt on the King.

Mary takes her place on the throne, Catherine by her side, and tells her subjects she and the King remain unharmed. Those who attempted them harm will die for no purpose.

Narcisse goes to see Lola. He fears he has set the nation to such acts because he robbed the people of their hope.

Francis arrives home, happy that Mary is safe. Catherine tells him to go slowly and listen. She asks Mary if she should leave. Mary nods. Francis says it's all his fault. Mary thinks Francis was at the Vatican doing everything to make peace. She wants him to find the men who did this to her and kill them.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Conde: Now I feel a creeping sense of unease.
Mary: Because you've know me. I ask for things. And I'm asking you if you will become a symbol, for all of France. Would you consider marrying the Princess, Claude.

The only alliance I'm interested is temporary, delicious and bad.