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Uh oh. Castleroy is at a Protestant church service being held in a barn. Catholics burst in and interrupt the service, picking on a high-born squire and setting the barn on fire.

Francis was visiting his son and lied about it. Mary worries that he has given up hope about their getting pregnant.

Bash and Leith show up with news of the barn burning. Francis will not stand for such violence.

The ladies are focusing on Greer's wedding. It's a welcome distraction to Mary's sorrow at the loss of her child.

Leith discovers Castleroy with one of the victims. He suggests they rush off and protects Castleroy.

Kenna stumbles upon two women diddling. They're hiding a journal, an unnamed journal with sexual content. She confiscates it with a wicked smile upon her face.

Francis discovers a bloody stick upon his bed pillow and flashes back to his father's death. The nanny (or King Henry) is in the hallway. Mary tells him he's requested in the Throne Room, but he rushes off to see Caroline (the nanny). He thinks perhaps she placed the pointy thing on his bed. She cries. She has been waking up places without memories, more every day. He sends her to the infirmary.

The Protestants who were in the barn bring the dead boy to the Throne Room. The minister speaks for them and Mary tells the others they are guests and protected.

While Francis assures Conde they will not punish men for what they believe in their hearts, Conde is unsure. Francis is in no rush to import the struggle happening in England and Scotland to France, but Conde points out it is already here.

Conde's brother has converted, and his sister as well. Conde has made no secret of his unhappiness with the corrupt ways of Rome. He believes he has been targeted.

Lola finds Kenna reading her sex journal. The journal goes back two years. One has her stumped and intrigued. He's tall, an avid hunter and has a butterfly mark on his forearm. They agree to try to find the mystery man.

Narcisse shows up with his own wounded man, Mark. His claim is that Emil threw a rock at Mark. He brings on the drama with talk about the Catholic lords, even bowing.

Catherine happens upon Kenna and Lola. She's already read the journal and has an idea of who the lover might be. She wishes Lola luck. Lord Eris likes his ladies with more spark.

Mary shares the news with Conde that Francis refused to bow to the wishes of Narcisse. Bash has been dispatched to discover what really happened. Conde thinks Narcisse found this boy only to suit his purposes. It's convenient that he cannot speak. Conde reveals the brand of the three dark riders. He met them the other night and they were very unpleasant.

Conde doesn't know what their plan is, but he does know rage and mistrust is growing across France. He thinks they want France to explode. Shoot to the Protestants tossing rocks into a shopkeepers window, "Catholic scum!"

Catherine warns Francis to be careful treating everyone equally. The Catholics will be angry he is taking up with Protestants and the Protestants will forget his just treatment when they want his rule.

Conde grills the Catholics to tell the truth. One fellow is afraid, and on the risk of telling the truth about Mark and where they really found him. He was a simpleton who was kicked by a horse the week prior. The leader admits it all and says Conde's nephew deserved to be beaten death for being a godless Protestant.

It's sweltering outside. Kenna jumps into a fountain, Greer joins her and gets drenched. She worries her mother will find her and walks off. She runs into Leith and he has news about Castleroy. He's surprised the man hasn't already talked to his betrothed, but wants her to talk to him before they marry.

Caroline growls at Kenna as she walks by and then walks up to the throne and sits down.

Kenna finds Lord Eris and pushes Lola to go chat with him to see if there's more to him than is in the journal.

Francis talks to King Henry through Caroline. Henry says there is no peace for him while his killer walks free. Francis suggests he recall all of the innocents he killed for absolutely no reason, and that he wanted him dead because Henry wanted Mary for himself. Conde walks in. OMG. He wishes he hadn't seen or witnessed that moment, but he did.

Narcisse and Francis talk about what he has witnessed. After some back and forth, Narcisse puts it forth -- Francis has only two options, to trust him or kill him. Francis decides on the former and agrees he will never be like his father unless he's given a reason to be.

Greer and Castleroy talk. He's been going to services to try to find a way to understand why his wife was taken to him. Apparently being a Protestant provided that because if Greer asks him to give up "what he believes" then he cannot marry her. He promises to still take care of her sisters and provide dowries if she walks away. He also promises to be her full parther in everything. They won't always agree, but he will always listen to her, as she has listened to him.

Mary talks with Francis about being fair to all of those involved. While they are chatting, a guard comes up. Narcisse has released the nanny.

Francis now knows that she was always in his service, playacting, coaxing some sort of admission from Francis. He also has Montgomery, the man accused of killing Henry who is ready to tell the world the truth should anything happen to him. Narcisse is smugly eating and chomping on food while he taunts Francis. He only needs to weaken Francis and stop his allies. He needs no proof about the murder to ruin him. Narcisse wants Francis to release the men who killed Conde's nephew. Francis already shared his plans, but Narcisse doesn't care. He suggests he tell Mary he changed his mind or both of their heads will be on pikes.

Mary and Francis argue terribly about his decision. He's making decisions without her.

Castleroy waits for Greer at their wedding. The longer it takes, the more people think it won't happen, including Leigh who smiles. Instead Greer shows up, looking lovely.

Lola chats with Lord Eris about sailing. He asks her on a date when Narcisse interrupts with congratulations about the christening of the King's son and the Lord scutters off.

Narcisse propositions Lola. He's not afraid of dating the mother of the King's child. She turns him down, but it's an open invitation. She then spots his birthmark. A butterfly.

Greer found a man who surprised her and challenges her after all. They promise to protect each other as they dance.

Mary begs Francis to be honest with her, but he won't share with her. He is keeping things from her to protect her, he says. She defaults to his worry that she cannot bear a child. In his panic, he says yes, that is his worry. He will not have heirs.


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Reign Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Mary: Lord Conde? What is it? Do you know this boy?
Conde: This is my sister's son. Emil! Emil! They murdered my nephew!

Well. This is smut and reading it clearly lead to this and as punishment I am confiscating it.