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Francis returns to the castle with Lola and his newborn son in tow, causing problems with Mary.

Bash wants the dead to have a proper burial so souls can find rest.

Francis and Lola return home. Mary asks after the child. Lola has a son.

Francis wants Bash on his council.

Mary and Francis discuss how to deal with Lola's son.

Catherine greets Lord Narcisse, mentioning her deepest regrets at the loss of his son.

Nostradamus shares with Mary his concerns about Lord Narcisse.

Lord Narcisse survived by fleeing to the country, and believes he should have sent for him. He enters the chamber where his son died, noting that most nobles died in their chambers. Whoops.

There is a man still alive in the chamber. He will most certainly rat out Mary. Whoops.

When Lord Narcisse enters the celebration, Catherine's face drops. Why is he back with so many nobles?

Lord Narcisse alledges that Nostradamus falsely diagnosed Edward and condemned him to death. Francis is stunned. Lord Narcisse continues his rant about the noblemen providing everything for the kingdom and Francis orders Nostradamus for questioning.

Mary shares with Francis what she did and then Catherine storms in, wise to what she did by poisoning her. Narcisse is making a lot of demands for deaths that will likely have to take place. A full scale rebellion can be the end of the King's reign. If they don't cave to Narcisse's demands (as Mary hopes), chaos will ensue.

Lord Castleroy goes to see Leith. He's not happy. He's using Greer's false accusations to him to condemn Leith for Yvette's death. Greer is rather despicable.

Narcisse will punish Mary by getting to those who helped her. She continues by telling him his son was a monster. Not a smooth move. Mary discovers that Edward wasn't married. Was he working on behalf of his father? All hell breaks loose.

Mary and Francis argue over mistakes and Mary discovers Narcisse is accused of murdering others to take over their lands. Perhaps that will be enough to use as leverage.

The relationship between Mary and Lola is strained. Lola doesn't care for title or status now that she is so in love with her baby. Voland (or whoever) was desperately seeking audience with the King before his death. Mary wants Lola to find out why.

Greer goes to visit Leigh. She admits she told Lord Castleroy what Leith said in anger because of her own jealousy over Leith and Yvette. Leith suggests Greer never tell Lord Castleroy the truth because he shouldn't be given any more pain than he already has.

Bash is out visiting landowners. The others were murdered and tossed in with the Plague victims. Justice suffers and dies during Plague, a man says.

Bash finds a woman who says there is a door between the living and the dead and the Plague kicked it open. Souls won't cross without being guided. They'll get to use before you know it. There will be reckoning.

Bash explains to Francis why Nostradamus cannot be killed, because of the souls seeking revenge for what wronged them.

Mary wonders if Francis will claim the bastard. She tells him if he does not claim him there will be a difference between father and son for all their lives.

Greer talks with Aloisius (Castleroy) about speaking with Leith. She says they're both wracked with guilt and Al chose her knowing she loved another. He intends to leave court to tell his younger children about Yvette's death. He doesn't know if he will be back.

Mary goes to see the priest. Valand worked with Narcisse. They worked for the Vatican, but greed interfered and they kept some of the gold for themselves. Valand was guilt-ridden after the pair killed a knowing Cardinal. Narcisse had him killed and his entire family. Information taken in confession cannot be shared. It, essentially, doesn't exist.

Conde steps in on a conversation and suggests that Francis trust no one but himself. He thinks the power should be shifted back to the King from the nobles, back to where it belongs.

Catherine goes to see Nostradamus. He's getting his last rites soon. She has no plan for him, but she'll make sure he is remembered. If he had stayed loyal to her, all would be fine. Nos lashes out and Catherine with word of Clarissa. She cannot believe Clarissa might be alive.

Mary is picking the nails right off her fingers. Mary and Francis are arguing over the impending deaths. Meanwhile, Narcisse is blathering on about how being drawn and quartered works. He approaches Nos, who says he saw Narcisse's death and he will suffer, too.

Mary approaches and stops the procedure. Narcisse says found Voland's letter of confession. It's headed to Rome as they speak. Francis interjects, Mary's letters in hand. They argue bitterly.

For land of his choosing, Narcisse gives in. Francis burns the letters.

Francis gets off to Mary... they were acting. The situation is fixed, but Francis had to turn over Leith's lands to Narcisse.

Bash kneels before Francis to accept the position that Kenna told him is called the King's Deputy in other lands.

After Mary sees Nostradamus off, she calls him to the baby's chamber.

Mary wants to open her heart and not push away Francis' child in her attempt to steer as clear of becoming Catherine as she can.

Francis gives his baby to the nurse, and she is suddenly possessed. By King Henry!!!

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Reign Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Francis: I don't know what role he'll have at court, but I want to be a part of my son's life. Of this child's life. But we will have others. Mary, my father's indiscretions were blatant, but out of respect for his wife he gave Bash no title or standing. It hurt him and it hurt me to see it.
Mary: The eyes of the world are watching to see if we will, if I can bear an heir, not just for France, for Scotland and England as well. I know this has nothing to do with the role you decide to have in your son's life.
Francis: Well perhaps it should.
Mary: Those who are close to us, even here at court, will know the truth. Mother has guessed it already. Spend time with your son, absolutely...
Francis: But don't claim him. Officially you mean.
Mary: Yes.

It's 12 corpses, all adults. No shovels, no hooks! Keep your gloves on and wrap them with care.