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Lord Narcisse pressures King Francis to act against his conscience or risk his marriage and his throne. Meanwhile, Mary finds a new ally in Conde.

Oh my. Claude is a pisser. She flashes her boobs at the carriage driver to get a bit of his hooch and then tells those watching the house to let everyone know Princess Claude has arrived.

Mary at breakfast with her ladies when Francis walks in. They are obviously still not comfortable with each other. Enter Narcisse to make things even worse. The nobles want the royals to sign an edict that will require everyone to either be Catholic or pretend to be and keep their mouths shut.

Greer returns to the castle with news of being attacked. Mary surmises that Castleroy is Protestant and tells Greer about the law the nobles want Francis to sign.

Francis is quizzing Bash on what he has discovered about Narcisse and whether he has found the nanny. Bash informs Francis the only person who has visited Narcisse is Lola. Francis confesses what he did to Bash, who understands and vows to track down the nanny and Montgomery so they can then kill Narcisse.

Mary wants to stand by Francis as he stands against the nobles and the edict. He says he needs to do it his way and to believe in him.

Conde is in bed with someone's wife when Mary arrives at his door. She has come to him to get what she cannot from her husband.

Conde doesn't understand why Francis is not listening to her reasoning. She tells him she wants a converted noble to stand up against the edict in public. Conde assures her he is a Catholic. Ah, but a sympathizer, she says. 

Kenna wants to be friends with Claude.

Catherine is looking at an English cipher that is used by spies. If anyone was found with one in their possession they would be considered a spy and nothing they said would have any merit. Francis will take that thank you very much!

After Francis leaves her, the two girls appear to her and freak her the hell out. Sisters share, is their apparent message.

Claude is in bed with a priest. Catherine can't be bothered.

Francis asks Lola to hid the cipher in Narcisse's house. He wants her to pick between the two men. Him or Narcisse.

Narcisse has a thing for women who bathe. He wants Lola to take one instead of going to the boat party for Claude. She tells him to draw it for her so she can hid the cipher.

Narcisse wants Lola. She wonders why Francis thinks him an enemy. He gives her two choices, finish the delightful bath and go home or meet him in the drawing room and they can embark on a journey together that will change them both forever.

Catherine notes to Mary that Conde shouldn't be trusted. He's a prince of the blood, and it was once believed if she didn't bear children or if Francis died, his family would become the next line of kings.

Narcisse tells Lola that Francis killed his father. He told her so that when Francis comes to her and asks her to betray his trust, she'll think first about who shared with her the truth.

Bash found the nanny, dead for weeks. Francis wants to make Mary proud and prepares to tell her the truth. Bash has to get a boat ready to carry Mary away from danger should it arise. He's going to confess and could be charged with regicide.

Oh ugh! We learn why Claude doesn't like Kenna -- because she has a thing for Bash and they used to diddle. Ewwww!

Narcisse approaches Francis. He wants the edict signed. Francis refuses as he would rather lose his head than be a compromised King taking orders from Narcisse. Then Narcisse shares the tale he learned from a priest about Mary and Catherine working together to poison Henry, thus killing him. Narcisse threatens to end the entire family line.

Catherine sees the little girls again. Sisters share. They pull her hair and tell her Henry has never left her. Does Catherine love Claude more than the little dead girls? Claude wakes up and Catherine tells her she must leave.

Francis signs the edict. Mary exclaims that she is no longer waiting for the man she loved to return and he suggests she leave France.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Bash: Francis. Did you hire Montgomery to kill our father?
Francis: No. I did it myself. I took Montgomery's place.
Bash: Francis. I understand. I know as well as anyone the harm that he caused. Have you been carrying this all alone?
Francis: Not alone. Narcisse knows! He's blackmailing me.

The nobles want Francis to sign a law that will require all French subjects to declare their faith to the King -- publicly.