Sahar is Back and So is the Alien Baby - Resident Alien
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Joseph creates a glove that allows him to use Harry's ball.

Harry is still wallowing in his lost love. He's playing Never Gonna Fall In Love Again on a loop, annoying Asta.

He doesn't care if Mayor Ben dies, which Ben overhears. He feels the same way, but he's not joking.

Kate's handcuff key is across the room, and she has to become a contortionist trying to receive it.

Ben wants to talk about issues with Sheriff Mike, but Harry can't think of anything other than Heather, which results in a great image of Ben and Mike in bed.

Ben sees how Harry operates now. He says the wrong thing so that Ben arrives at the right thing.

Mary Ellen drops by the office to apologize to Asta. She wants to start over.

Liv took a Mike approach to see if their murder board was touched, and it was. Mike loves any opening to say silly things.

Now that Liv has put Nana in the hospital, she feels like she can do anything, but doing that will be harder with Ben watching them.

Liza visits Harry, and he asks her to go away. She is not the same old Liza. That's because it's not Liza. It's Bridget, who hates Harry for being the worst father ever.

D'Arcy to the rescue. She unlocks Kate, and then she realizes that Kate might know she's been abducted. She doesn't push it, but commiserates, surprising Kate.

Harry needs Max's help. Two good friends on an adventure. Max isn't up for it.

Mary Ellen thinks she has what Asta wants, but she apparently wants money for it, $750, to be exact.

Ben is playing Private Eye and having a good time. Mike makes a fake call to get rid of him, and they laugh at his six-point turn.

Harry goes to the bar, announces his name several times, and drinks are taken from others. D'Arcy wants him to snap out of it. He She's relying on him to do something, but all he does is vomit in a woman's bag.

D'Arcy gets a call. Her dad had a heart attack. Her parents were in Colorado for mom's cousin Louisa's birthday, but they didn't even call. Dad wakes up and expresses his pride in her bravery. She's his hero, everything he wanted to do in his life, but he took the safe way, no risks.

He'll meet her at the bottom of any hill she decides to go down.

Sahar is back. Harry did not miss her. Aha! The baby will come to Sahar, so Harry can use her.

Asta isn't happy that her mom has come back into her life.

Joseph overpowers Liv and wants the notebook. It's a comical scene.

Ben saves Mike and Liv by barrelling through Joseph. More hijinks ensue.

Sahar doesn't want Harry to tell Max she's back. She quit the gifted program because it made her feel normal. Bridget comes through the window, and Harry kills it.

Bridget reassembles itself using many pieces of random DNA until the whole town is before them. Harry keeps killing them, and they keep regenerating. Cats in the Cradle plays over the scene.

Joseph is a bunch of goo. Liv says he's been taken up. Mike doesn't want to hear any more about aliens. Liv says Aliens are real, and they abduct people, and they don't remember.

Bridgit now becomes Max. He was a baby and he needed Harry, but Harry shoved him in a spaceship and abandoned him. then Harry realizes that the love he had for Heather has been transferred to Bridget.

Kate handcuffs herself to the bed again, this time with a red sharpie in her pocket.

D'Arcy visits Elliot to say she's happy for his happiness. She just wanted him to know that she knows he cared about her, and she messed it up, and he'll be proud of her.

Kate wakes up to find she is no longer handcuffed. She has written "it's real" on her arm.

Harry gives Asta a photo of him and Bridget. He finished the bomb.

Kate wants Harry to take the chip out of the back of her neck now. He wants to use her to get intel about the Grey's ship. He offers to hypnotize her. She sees her baby. The Grey's want her to bond with her baby. He decides to wake Kate so that she remembers everything and actually manages to comfort her.

Asta takes Jay home, but Jay wants a choice, not to have decisions made for her again and again. Asta apologizes and wants to talk about it, but Jay says that's what the rest of their lives is about.

The bomb is gone. D'Arcy has it.



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Resident Alien Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Mike: You said we. Are you back on this thing with me?
Liv: Yes, sir. I don't want to let being afraid stop me from doing what's right. If I can put my Nana in the hospital, I can do anything.

It's better to have loved and lost, said some idiot who I hope is also dead now. Love is like being shot out of a cannon -- thrilling, expect for that very last part when you hit the ground and your body breaks into tiny pieces. That part ruins the trip.

Harry [to himself]