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-Nolan plants a nanny cam at Emily's.

-Lydia returns and threatens Emily to return her house. Emily plants evidence in a box of Lydia's things and sends it to her. She also inadvertently sends the nanny cam.

-Frank tells Victoria that Conrad gave Lydia $10 million. Conrad says it was to keep her quiet about their conspiracy.

-Lydia plans to out the Graysons at a charity event but Victoria tricks her into thinking all is forgiven between them.

-Frank searches Lydia's and finds the evidence Emily planted making it look like Lydia set up the senator and Dr. Banks. He confronts her, they fight, and Lydia goes over the balcony.

-Nolan breaks into Lydia's to retrieve a fax that could reveal Emily's identity.  He sees Lydia's body over the balcony, quickly retrieves his nanny cam and leaves.  The camera footage shows the fight between Lydia and Frank.

-Conrad tries to buy Victoria's forgiveness with a $200,000 car. She gives it to Charlotte instead who quickly gets pulled in for speeding while driving with Declan.

-Conrad offers Tyler a job for helping get a drunken Daniel home.

-Daniel and Emily reconcile realizing Tyler lied to keep them apart.

-Conrad freezes Daniel's trust when he refused to work for his father.  Daniel asks Jack for a job at the bar.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

The guy was feeding him shots like a frat boy to a freshman.


You staggered home like a drunken sailor.