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-Emily sets up Dr. Michelle Banks, the psychiatrist who sent a young Amanda to an institution in order to gain favor with Victoria.

-Emily accesses Dr. Banks private videos of her patients and posts them on the internet. Victoria is seen in therapy questioning whether she ever should have had Charlotte. Charlotte is devastated. Victoria threatens to destroy the doctor.

-Declan comforts Charlotte and convinces her to go back home.

-Jack decides not to sell the bar just yet. He's smitten with Emily.

-Dr. Banks is then abducted and locked in a Grayson storage container where she is later found. Victoria is a suspect in the kidnapping.

-Tyler lies to Daniel and tells him Emily cancelled their date. Daniel goes to Emily's house and finds her having dinner with Jack. Tyler then convinces Daniel to go out and get drunk.

-Conrad is still sleeping with Lydia but wonders if she's the one who set him up to take down the Senator.

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Revenge Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tyler: I'm pretty sure the ball was out.
Emily: I'm pretty sure you're lying.

My friends are important to me. Maybe if you were nicer to yours you'd still have some.