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-Emily sets her sights on old family friend, Bill Harmon. Uncle Bill told Conrad about the affair Emily's father, David was having with Victoria and then testified against him in or to save his own skin.

-Bill runs his own investment firm. Emily invests with him, convincing him she has insider information on a company Nolan is about to partner with. Bill invests all of his firms money into the company. When the deal never happens he loses billions for himself and his clients.

-Lydia continues to contact Conrad, asking him for money when she finds out she won't get a dime in her divorce settlement because of her infidelity.

-Jack Porter sells his boat to Nolan to save his father's restaurant. Nolan says if Jack helps Captain the boat and acts as Nolan's friend for the summer, he'll give the boat back at the end of the season.

-Declan Porter tries to woo Charlotte Grayson. When her boyfriend finds out, he and his friends beat up Declan. After Declan's father breaks up the fight, he collapses and stops breathing.

-Victoria investigates Emily when she starts seeing Daniel. She finds that there are court records that have been sealed concerning Emily's teenage years.

-Victoria tries to buy Lydia's beach house out from under Emily. Nolan swoops in and secretly outbids Victoria but puts the house in Emily's name. Victoria is furious when she finds out.

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I stopped playing games with you when I fired you 18 years ago.


I'm sick of the same. I want different.