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Jack arrives at the Stowaway to see it in flames. He goes into the building to retrieve a picture of Amanda and Carl and sees Emily unconscious on the floor. He rescues her as an explosion occurs in the kitchen. Charlotte looks on and sees that her sister isn't dead.

When Emily is questioned by a fire investigator, she covers for Charlotte and says there was no one else inside.

Jack and Nolan visit the Stowaway the morning after the fire and Jack learns that Charlotte started the fire that ended his father's legacy when Emily tells him the truth about what happened. Emily tells both Jack and Charlotte that she will continue to cover for Charlotte because she owes her sister at least that much.

Victoria goes to visit Daniel in the lobby of his hotel to ask for access to money he may have hidden away so that she can begin to rebuild their family. He informs her that there is no money and tells her the details of Charlotte's life for the past six months.

She later goes to Charlotte's apartment and Charlotte tells her that Emily is Amanda. Then Charlotte confesses to her attempted murder. Victoria tells Charlotte that David Clarke is alive and takes the girl to meet her father. Emily shows up later asking to speak to Charlotte and Victoria meets her at the door with a gun but refuses to shoot Emily.

Jack takes Emily a picture of the two of them from their childhood and tells her he doesn't think he wants to reopen the Stowaway so that he will have more time for the people he cares about. 

Daniel tries to get back into finance but finds that no one wants to work with him. Margaux offers to make some calls but he asks her not to, hoping to keep their relationship free of professional entanglements.

He meets Louise, Victoria's roommate from the psychiatric facility, at the bar after he is kicked out of the hotel, and overhears her discussing finances. They strike up a conversation just as Victoria is meeting with Margaux and learning of the family's financial woes.

Nolan sees someone in Emily's house through the security system he installed and walks into her room to see David standing over her with a knife, but he doesn't recognize that it's David.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

[to Victoria] Since you care so much, you might want to know that Charlotte is hanging out with drug dealers, shoving god knows what up her nose, and she almost took a leap off the Maison Hotel. So that's the update. Let's do this again in another six months.


[to Emily] You know what, fine. Pretend you're indestructible, but superheroes don't get balloons.