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After Victoria's disappearance, Emily and Nolan begin trying to find her in an attempt to end the revenge agenda once and for all. They do not know that David Clarke is alive.

While Nolan installs security around Emily's houses, Emily visits Daniel and Charlotte to see if either of them have heard from Victoria. Daniel reveals that he has not and when Emily finds Charlotte, the younger Clarke daughter is standing atop a roof threatening to jump. She has just learned that Gideon has been cheating on her and only used her for money to buy cocaine.

Ben and Jack rescue Charlotte from the roof and Jack escorts her home...to Emily. Emily reveals that she is Amanda Clarke and therefore Charlotte's half-sister. At first, Charlotte appears to take the news well and then turns on Emily, storming out of the beach house in an angry fit.

Margaux and Daniel, meanwhile, have been working on a plan to get Gideon out of LeMarchal Enterprises. They use his love of cocaine to their advantage and plant some on him to be discovered during an important business meeting. When Gideon confronts Margaux about the setup, she must find a way to stop him for good.

David Clarke reveals to Victoria that someone removed him from the prison infirmary during the riot which everyone believed was the last time he was alive. He says that he never stopped loving her and later reveals that he killed Conrad after hearing Conrad's confession and the terrible things he said to and about Charlotte.

David promises he would do anything for Victoria and Victoria decides to use that to her advantage. 

Charlotte proves she is more and more like her mother--and her sister--every day in the episode's final moments.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

[to Emily] I'm sorry, could you repeat that? Because all I could hear was the sound of my revenge-free summer being strangled to death by a web of thorns.


I'm your sister, Charlotte. I'm Amanda.