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After finding a man in Emily's bedroom on Revenge Season 4 Episode 4, Nolan wants to call the police. Emily refuses because she doesn't want Charlotte to get in trouble if she was involved. Nolan disagrees but can't persuade Emily. He eventually calls the police anyway.

Victoria returns to the cabin the following morning to find a bottle of pills on the couch and an injured David. He doesn't know where Charlotte is and tells Victoria that he snuck into Emily Thorne's house but wasn't seen.

While Nolan shows Ben the balcony where David jumped the night before, Jack tries to talk some sense into Emily. He thinks Charlotte may have hired someone to kill her and that this is now bigger than Emily and Victoria's revenge quests. 

Victoria visits Charlotte and is called out for making Charlotte's reunion with her father all about hurting Emily. Victoria later goes to visit Daniel and slides him an envelope of cash which he knows came from Margaux.

David Clarke is arrested for shoplifting. When he's brought into the police department, Ben notices his limp and wonders if he's the culprit who broke into Emily's house. Ben calls Emily and asks her to come to the station.

Jack tries to tell Emily that her father is in the lineup but Ben won't let him. Emily recognizes David but tells Ben and Jack that he wasn't the perpetrator. Nolan arrives at the police department and Emily tells him that David is alive. Jack devises a plan to let Emily sit down with David, but when the FBI arrives, Emily and Nolan are escorted off the property.

David tells the police that he was framed and that he was being held captive by Conrad Grayson's henchmen. The agent buys his story and allows him to leave with Victoria.

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

[to Emily] You do know that hoodie is not a bulletproof vest. You can die. And that the girl that you are so desperately trying to save would like to see that happen sooner rather than later.


[to Emily] Maybe little Arson Annie was behind this too! She's not my sister.