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Revenge Season 4 Episode 11, "Epitaph," begins with David and Victoria hearing gunshots at Emily's house. They arrive to find Daniel's body. Jack, Emily, and David decide to cover up Kate's death to buy them time with Malcolm Black. 

Victoria disagrees with their decision and mourns her loss. Margaux hears the news when a call comes in to the news desk.

Emily gives her story to the detectives with Ben standing by. He doesn't seem to believe the story is the truth and tells Jack as much after the detectives are finished. Later, when he has the opportunity to question Emily himself, she convinces him that she's telling the truth.

Victoria tries to leave the beach house but David worries what will happen when she's asked about Daniel's death. As a compromise, he sends her to Emily's, and when they both try to refuse sharing living quarters, he shuts them down.

After helping with their technical needs and rerouting Kate's satellite phone through Miami, Nolan digs up more information on Malcolm Black's whereabouts. As he's leaving his house, Louise arrives with concern for Victoria. She bakes a pie for Victoria and then Victoria enlists Louise's help in stealing the photo she gave Kate.

Nolan and Jack clean up the hotel room, but Jack has flashbacks to the time he spent there with Kate. Jack begins to struggle with having shot someone and takes personal days from work.

Margaux visits Victoria at the manor and doesn't understand Victoria's presence there. She doesn't believe the story being told by the police, but Victoria confirms it. Margaux vows to go to the police without Victoria's help and when the police validate Emily's story, Margaux promises to seek vengeance for Daniel's death.


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Revenge Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Victoria: I won't be a prisoner to your lies anymore.
David: I was a prisoner for two decades because of yours.

Jack, be a 'glass half full guy.'