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As Victoria continues to mourn Daniel's death, David Clarke moves forward with his plan to absolve himself of his debt to her on Revenge Season 4 Episode 12. 

Lyman Ellis shows up in the Hamptons to take Louise back home to Savannah. Nolan Ross invites him to dinner and pledges a donation to his campaign if he'll attend. 

Emily believes Victoria should suffer alone for what she's done and begs David to run away with her, leaving Victoria alone. He agrees and Emily asks for time to tie up loose ends. She tells Nolan she and David are leaving the Hamptons and he asks for her help with a takedown.

Emily overhears Lyman and Louise talking and asks Nolan if he knows about Louise's past. He does and asks Emily to trust him. At dinner, Lyman presses Louise and Louise sees visions of her mother. Emily suspects that something is up with the episode.

Malcolm Black shows up on Jack's doorstep after faking his death during the shootout in Miami. Jack calls David to ask for help. David calls Malcolm to blackmail him. Later, David tells Jack that he's meeting Malcolm. If something happens to him, Nolan should release the files David gave him.

Margaux visits Victoria to gather some of Daniel's belongings. She knows Victoria isn't being honest about the details surrounding Daniel's death and continues calling Ben to urge him to keep the case open. When she can't get him on the phone, she goes to the precinct and after an outburst, faints.

Victoria visits Margaux in the hospital and tells her the truth about Daniel's death. Ben overhears from the hallway.


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Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Nolan: Ems, you're finally going to get your happy ending. I'm really going to miss you.
Emily: Oh, please. You're already hobnobbing with hot redheads.
Nolan: You know gentlemen prefer blondes.

David: Do you remember when we moved here? We thought it was Heaven.
Emily: Well, the Devil can have it.