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Emily meets with an attorney on Revenge Season 4 Episode 22. He believes she should negotiate a plea to lesser charges but she refuses. David, Nolan, and Jack begin working on clearing her name by finding Mason Treadwell. While they work to free her, Margaux works to commit character assassination in the newspapers. 

Louise visits Margaux to let her know she can't get into the Penthouse to get photos of Victoria for the funeral. Charlotte has been named the executor of Victoria's estate. 

Emily is given bail by the judge, but only under the condition that she submit to house arrest at the beach house. Ben is the one who puts her in the monitor, telling her not to think about trying to escape or she'll be caught. Nolan begins tinkering with an alternate ankle monitor in hopes of giving Emily a little more freedom from the house. 

Jack has decided to stay in the Hamptons to take David to his chemotherapy appointments now that Amanda can't. While he sleeps, Amanda tells Jack that Victoria worked with more people than just Mason Treadwell in order to pull off this plan. He asks if she meant to stop him when she came to the airport and she tells him she wants a chance with him. 

Charlotte gets a visit from Louise at the rehab facility where she's been living since she left. She asks for permission to enter the penthouse to prepare the funeral and Charlotte tells her that there won't be a funeral at all. Louise learns that Victoria faked her death once before. 

Amanda prepares to go after Mason and tells David she doesn't have a choice. He offers to go for her and when the lights go out, part of Nolan's plan, she puts a monitor on him so he can't leave. Meanwhile, Jack visits Margaux in the city to tell her that Emily was set up in the case of Victoria's death. Margaux doesn't believe it. 

Ben stops by the beach house to check on Amanda and adjust her ankle monitor, which is set to reboot at 9pm, right in the middle of Emily's attempt to snag Mason in the trailer park. She doesn't find Mason but learns that his "lady friend" left with him. Before she can get a name, she's surrounded by police and taken back into custody. 

Jack and David decide they'll go about things the legal way to free Amanda and launch their own investigation into Victoria's death, starting with LeMarchal media. Louise visits the penthouse to be close to Victoria and runs into Nolan who has broken in to look for evidence to clear Amanda. 

While David visits Amanda, he has a seizure, just after Amanda asks for five minutes in a room with Margaux. Jack is all too happy to help make that happen. 

Louise continues going through Victoria's things and stumbles upon a black hoodie in the closet just like the one Victoria's attacker wore. Emily gets information out of Margaux and calls Ben. He listens as she tells a story about how Victoria managed to disappear after faking her own death. Louise shows up at Ben's desk with the hoodie she found in Victoria's apartment.

Margaux gets out of jail and retains someone's services while Ben follows the lead on Mary Gaines, the woman whose body Victoria used to fake her own death. 

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

[to Louise] I don't know which Victoria Grayson you met but mine was the most manipulative human I've ever known.


Jack: The other night I heard that you came to the airport to tell me not to leave and I just have to know...is that true?
Emily: Yes. I wanted you to stay. I want you to stay.