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In her Reverie, Mara is almost run down by a car, but she's saved by Oliver Hill, who started Onira-Tech with Alexis. Before Mara, Oliver was the person who spent the most time in Reverie 2.0, and he tells her she is in danger because of derealization. Oliver wants Mara as his ally inside Onira-Tech, but she's uncertain. When she arrives at Onira-Tech, Charlie tells her a BCI set has been stolen. The buyer is Glenn Maybach, a shut-in with OCD.  Charlie and Paul want Mara to enter Reverie to find out about the unauthorized user. Opening the third door, Mara locates Glenn trying to steal medicine from drug company MRL. He exits when she asks him to return the stolen technology. Charlie found the BCI tech who sold the set to Glenn on a Dark Reverie site. Mara confronts Charlie about all she hasn't been told about. Charlie said Oliver is unstable and has a restraining order against him. He also tells her he has her back. Mara tracks down Glenn. Mara and Charlie meet Glenn's neighbors Liz and her son Quincy. Glenn agrees to talk to only Mara. Charlie keeps trying to look in, which freaks out Glenn, and he jumps into Reverie. Mara figures out Glenn is trying to help Quincy, who has a severe lung condition. MRL has an experimental drug for it, but Quincy didn't get drawn in a lottery for treatment. Mara gets Glenn to agree to give back the technology after they help him rob MRL. Mara teaches Glenn how to work around his compulsions. Charlie visits Oliver. He tells Oliver to take his meds and stay away from Onira-Tech. Mara guides Glenn through the robbery. Monica tells the MRL CEO that Glenn was testing its security. In exchange, Quincy got a spot in the trial. Alexis tells Mara about her relationship with Oliver.

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Reverie Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Oliver: That's why I know you're in danger?
Mara: What kind of danger?
Oliver: The kind you're most afraid of -- losing your mind.

Oliver: DId she tell you the BCI was her idea?
Mara: She didn't say it wasn't.
Oliver: That's a brain-computer interface. That's two things, right? Alexis was the computer.
Mara: And you were the brain?
Oliver. I flatter myself.