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Tom wants to move on, kill Monroe, and save Julia. Jason is more concerned with who is left, and asking for Tom's help. Tom wants him to man up and hold out for a little while longer until they complete what it is they set out to do. Jason takes Connor as a hostage, but wants to help Charlie and Miles. He wants to stop the Patriots, but Charlie and Miles don't put any faith in him. 

Monroe, Miles, Charlie, Connor, and Jason head to Austin, Texas to follow up Jason's intel. Jason helps them infiltrate a Patriot apartment to gather intel. Monroe and Miles follow the intel to Frank whom they warm that the Patriots are trying to kill him. 

Outside of Willoughby, Priscilla puts her hand in the fire only to see that it heals completely after pulling it out. Aaron wonders why Priscilla hasn't mentioned her family, and wonders if she miss them. Aaron says he'll help her find them. After watching Priscilla more closely, Aaron realizes that the Nano is controlling her, and the Nano tells Aaron that Priscilla is still in 2014. He escapes but Priscilla isn't fighting it, and she's stuck in her own mind. The nano wants to experience what being a human is really like. 

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