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Charlie flashes back to shooting Jason again. In their escape from Texas, Miles runs off on his own to lead the Texas Rangers astray, only to get a slice to the stomach. Miles continues to try to make his way back to the camp, but he ends up falling into an abandoned basement.

Monroe, Charlie, and Rachel head off in different directions to find him. Aaron asks the Nano Priscilla to find Miles, but she believes he's not worth saving. The nano tell Aaron they've been conducting lots of different expirments on the human population.

Miles, still in the basement and his wound getting worse, resorts to cauterizing his wound with his sword. Charlie, continuing to search for MIles, is ambushed by Tom. Tom wants to know where Jason is, and Charlie tells him she doesn't know. He forces her to take him to camp anyways. Monroe and Rahel end up at the wagon site where Miles was ambushed.

Monroe and Rachel walk right over Miles' hiding spot, and continue to bicker about who knows him best. Rachel and Monroe continue to fight, and Monroe tells Rachel she's holding Miles back. Rachel tells Monroe he's a chain around Miles' neck, and that Monroe needs company to survive.

Charlie and Tom continue their charade until Charlie's face finally gives away the truth. Tom shakily fires off his clip of bullets at Charlie but misses her completely. He puts a gun to her head but is out of bullets. Tom breaks down completely and Charlie runs off.

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