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Miles and the rest of the resistance find the Patriots have a tanker car full of mustard gas, and Mary finds papers that show the Patriots might be sending the gas to Texas. Miles decides their best course of action is to steal the train. Rachel sets out to find Aaron and Priscilla, and along the way she finds a house blasting music and with electricity on where she finds Aaron and Priscilla inside. Aaron explains the situation and the nano wants to show humans how to be content. Rachel slaps the nano and it how awful it's been to these people. 

Rachel and Aaron attempt to draw the nano out, but are unsuccessful. Miles and company are able to steal the train and Monroe hijacks it, but they soon find out that the tanker full of mustard gas is empty. It's then shown that the The Patriots President and Texas President are giving a joint conference and pledge of support against California, but right about them are barrels full of the mustard gas.

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