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-Juliet tells Catherine that Andrew is trying to sell their Palm Springs property because investors are leaving Martin Charles and that Tobia Shecht want to buy it.

-Catherine knows Shecht wants the property for wind turbines and tells him he can get it for him. Then she gets Andrew to sell it for her for $10 million. 

-Juliet told Andrew what she and Catherine did and they set Catherine up.  Andrew now has all of the money Catherine made from the scheme. He tells her never to come near Juliet again.

-Henry gives the thumb drive to his father-in-law Tim so that he can take it to the authorities. But Tim is ticked that Henry got him into the fund and doesn't want to lose all of his money.

-Henry is arrested for the murder of Tyler Barrett. Tim tipped off the police to his involvement.

-Machado is suspended when he tries to beat information out of a possible Macawi informant.  He and Bridget (who he thinks is Siobhan) come up with a plan to make it look like Bridget is dead so that Macawi's men will stop coming after her.

-Macawi's dead henchman was following Malcolm but he was killed two weeks ago. He's not the one who tried to kill Bridget.

-The assassin tries to kill Bridget but Machado kills him first. It's the same man who came after Bridget for the cell phone weeks earlier.

-The assassin's cell phone rings. Machado answers but no one responds. Catherine is on the other end.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Andrew just took a bullet for a woman he thought was you.


I'm not using my kids as bait.