Ringer Review: A Twisted Family Affair

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As Ringer returned with "Let's Kill Bridget," Andrew was looking pretty good for a man who took a bullet to the chest in last week's episode. He was fielding calls from investors and telling Agent Machado what a lousy job he was doing. Well, on the last part he might have been right.

Don't get me wrong. I've grown to like Machado, especially since we've found out about his personal connection to this case, but the frustration has gotten to him. When he beat the suspect in the street to get him to talk, not only had he gone too far, he'd grown stupid about where and when to step over the line. He obviously wasn't thinking clearly and that could get him killed.


Of course, instead of getting himself offed, he had a different plan. Let's kill Bridget. Okay, so this was a better strategy than Bridget's plan, which was... what exactly? Oh yeah, Bridget pretending to be Siobhan, offers to play Bridget in order to testify against Macawi. Wow, just try and wrap your mind around that one.

But Machado did her one better. They planned to kill her pseudo-self in order to protect her family. The funny part was that as complicated as Machado thought this plan was, he really didn't know the half of it.

The real Siobhan was dealing with Henry whose idealism was about to get him a mess of trouble. 

First, he was trying to convince Siobhan that all they needed was one another and a new life. Perhaps that's all Henry wants but Siobhan's not about to walk away from Andrew and this whole Martin Charles debacle empty handed. 

Then he handed the thumb drive over to his father-in-law Tim. Tim didn't seem to like Henry much to begin with and I doubt getting the old man involved in a ponzi scheme has earned him any points.

Somehow Henry thought that Tim would bring the information to the authorities even though, in doing so, he'd lose a fortune. 

That Tim wouldn't expose the corruption behind Martin Charles wasn't a shock. That he'd rat out his son-in-law to the cops certainly was. How did he even know that Henry was involved in Tyler Barrett's murder?

So now Tim has the only proof, all of his money and will most likely get custody of his grandkids while Henry sits in jail. How will Siobhan react to that?

But the best scheme of the night went to the Martin family. I knew that Juliet was setting up Catherine but I didn't realize that Andrew was helping her do it. I kind of liked that they kept the big reveal between Juliet and Andrew mostly off screen and shown in flashbacks. In on of the Ringer quotes of the night he tells her:

When I set your punishment it's going to make your last grounding feel like a holiday. | permalink

Hmm…I think defrauding daddy of millions with a false rape scheme should get a bit more than a grounding. Heck, I can't even come up with a punishment to fit that crime.

Watching Andrew swipe the $10 million back from Catherine was great fun but then the real twist came to light. Catherine was the one who put the hit out on Siobhan.

Isn't that taking the whole woman scorned thing a little far? Is anyone on this show sane?

So at the end of another episode we've got a few more answers and a lot of questions. Like where in the world is Malcolm? Will Machado still pretend that Bridget's dead even though this killer was after Siobhan? What will Siobhan do now that Henry's in jail and her Martin Charles proof is gone? And why does Catherine want Siobhan dead? Tune in next week as we try and piece it all together with the third-to-last episode of Ringer.

Let's Kill Bridget Review

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