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Jughead is doing research on past serial killers. The town has descended into paranoia about what The Black Hood will do next.

Hermione demands Veronica not date Archie because of the video.

Alice is devastated Betty helped Polly leave Riverdale.

Fred demands Archie to remove The Red Circle video. He has, but people keep reuploading the video online.

The Southside Serpents want to attack Archie. Jughead tries to get them to go after The Black Hood; however, they agree with the gunman. He's only targeting Northsiders.

Principal Weatherbe kicks Archie off the football. He also disbands the football team until Archie signs a letter agreeing to disband The Red Circle and apologizes to the town.

Kevin makes amends with Betty. Betty reveals The Black Hood has sent her a letter proclaiming he did the crimes for her. Her speech at the jubilee inspired him.

The Black Hood sent her a cypher to figure out the next target. Betty refuses to share the letter with the police, but she does share the coded cypher. Alice published the code for the entire town to solve.

Reggie wants Archie to sign the letter. He doesn't want the trouble to ruin their lives. Archie wants them to venture into Southside to find The Black Hood. His group members abandon him, but Dilton offers to help him get something more.

Veronica confronts Hiram about his pushing of Archie. Hiram denies everything.

Toni asks Jughead to help with cracking The Black Hood's code. He agrees. He ignores Betty's phone call.

Archie visits an army surplus store to purchase a bunch of weapons.

Jughead offers Betty to help him and Toni with the investigation. She agrees and pulls Kevin into helping.

Veronica creates t-shirts with The Red Circle logo. She has the River Vixens hand out t-shirts to everyone.

Kevin, Betty, Jughead and Toni work on cracking the code. Toni and Betty get into an argument about Northside vs. Southside. Toni reveals that Jughead sits with the Southside Serpents at lunch.

Archie tags red circles around the Southside. Some Serpents hassle him, but Archie whips out a gun to drive them away.

Betty freaks out over passing out at Jughead's place.

Principal Weatherbe and Sheriff Keller interrogate Archie over witness reports of a red-haired Riverdale student waving a gun. After searching his locker, they find Reggie's black hood joke in his locker. Archie is forced off campus.

Hermione warns Veronica to not have blind loyalty with Archie.

Jughead finds The Black Hood's letter in Betty's books. He confronts her about it and she's devastated that she inspired it. Betty thinks she knows how to decipher the code.

Archie asks Veronica to get something from school. She finds his gun hidden in one of the toilet stalls. She threw the gun into the river.

Reggie, Dilton and the other football students bring pizzas to Archie's home. The Southside Serpents arrive to his home.

The Southside Serpents and The Red Circle plot a fight. In the middle of the rainstorm, the group fights each other.

Betty finds a Nancy Drew book to help solve the code.

The parents attend a meeting at the city hall. Alice pitches to shut down Southside High, but Mayor McCoy wants to stop the fight.

Betty solves the code. The next attack will happen at the town hall. She pulls the fire alarm to get the parents to leave the building.

After Dilton gets hurts in the leg, the Northside kids start losing. Veronica shoots a gun in the arm and the fight breaks up.

Betty shares the real letter with Alice.

Archie throws the gun into the river.

The Black Hood calls Betty.

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Riverdale Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Betty: These symbols look so familiar to me. It’s like I’ve seen them before and it’s driving me crazy I can’t figure out where.
Toni: Maybe if you loosened your ponytail?
[They all stare at her dumbfounded]
Toni: What? That was a joke, guys.
Kevin: Betty’s ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach.
Betty: Kev, it’s fine. At this point, I’m willing to try anything.
[She lets down her hair]

Hermione: Nice t-shirt. Will you still be wearing it when Archie is arrested for reckless endangerment or something worse?
Veronica: Archie would never, Mom. He’s being railroaded.
Hermione: And you can say that with absolute certainty after watching that video? Maybe you can, or maybe you’re just being loyal. But let me tell you something about loyalty. There’s nothing more honorable about it, noble even, but blind loyalty...that is a stupid and dangerous thing. I pray that is not the case for you and Archie.