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We see someone speeding down the highway and going off a cliff after almost hitting another car.

Maura and Jane come into her new place. Jane has crime photos all over. Maura brought her a donut. There was no change when she went to her doctor's appointment. She pretends not to remember whose house this is. Jane and Maura get calls. Jane goes after a lead. Maura actually eats the junk food.

Frankie is primary on the accident case. Victim was a freshman at college. No clue as to what she was doing. She was clearly speeding at the time of the accident. No chance because of lack of air bags etc. Maura agrees it was an accident, probably traumatic brain injury. Frankie agrees to do the notification.

Meanwhile, Vince and Jane meet some cops who say this guy Holtz is giving money to Alice and that he is up there right now. Vince doesn't want Jane to handle this. They go up and Jane sees a gun and ducks just in time but another cop is shot. Place turns out to be empty. There is a ton of money in the apartment.

Nina remembers IDing her fiance after his death  Frankie sometimes forgets she went through that. He thinks Nina is doing great. The girl's parents are saying someone killed their daughter and must pay.

Layla's parents are foreign -- Indian, maybe -- and proud their daughter was the first to go to college. They suspect an ex-boyfriend of causing trouble. He was older than her and had a record. They saw changes and begged her to break it off. She did. Father says he threatened her. Frankie tells him it was an accident. Father thinks Brian was a mechanic and did something to the car. Frankie promises to check into it.

Kent keeps clearing his throat as Maura goes over an autopsy. Apparently she said the wrong vein. Jane shows up. Maura says the guy was shot from the front but red droplets on the back, comes from beef. Possibly the guy was in a slaughter house. Maura encourages Jane to eat. Later. Jane wants to work right now.

Frankie and Nina discuss their case. Angela comes over with drinks and they discover they both like Thousand Island dressing. Frankie  broke things off with Nicole. He mumbles a non-explanation.

Jane punches a bag and remembers everything Alice did to her. Frankie shows up. Jane claims to be relieving stress and walks off. Frankie asks her what she's gonna do when they find Alice.

Nina finds a deli belonging to Holtz's brother-in-law. Jane realizes it is connected to Alice. They storm the place and find Alice.

Maura explains that Alice is a master manipulator. Jane doesn't think it matters because they have the gun. Jane asks to talk. Maura doesn't think giving in to her is a very good idea but Jane goes in anyway. Alice claims she remembers Jane well. Jane loved making look other people look bad. Alice says her life would have been totally different if Jane hadn't stolen her job. She was the one from a family of cops, not Jane. 

Alice claims that Jane's sacrifices are meaningless. After all she began planning her crimes while in jail so prison won't stop her now. Her attorney comes and doesn't think the cuffs are necessary.

Ballistics show the gun is not the one that shot Nina.

Cuffs are removed and crazy Alice says she enjoyed their chat.

Frankie goes to see Brian McDonald. Brian claims he didn't do anything to Layla. He says he lost his temper and then apologized. Brian doesn't know about the accident. He's upset. He says she shouldn't have driven that car. Brian wonders if her parents said something. He'd never hurt her. He and Layla were in love and her parents got in the way. Brian claims things got rough because of Layla's parents' expectations. He suggests they talk to Carmen, Layla's best friend.

Vince is upset that Alice's lawyer demanded a probable cause hearing. DA doesn't have confidence because there is no physical evidence. But at least Jane's testimony will allow them to lock Alice up for a bit.

Carmen gives Frankie Layla's things. Layla flunked a few tests and started failing classes. Too much pressure for her. Frankie asks to keep Layla's notebook. Carmen wants him to keep everything.

Kent took a message from Maura's doctor. He doesn't believe her when she says she had questions about Layla's case. Maura tells him about the cognitive loss. He says that her not having other symptoms is good. Maura doesn't want anyone else to know. 

Sands' lawyer has affidavits claiming Alice never ordered the shooting in the tunnel and the judge dismisses the case. Jane needs 48 hours  Alice smirks at Jane.

Angela asks Frankie about Nicole. He says they were too different. Angela thinks maybe Frankie likes someone else. He denies having feelings for Nina. He says nothing can come of it anyway because she's his friend.

Alice makes some statement about how justice was served and her lawyer demands Jane's harassment of innocent people must be investigated. Jane says she will keep digging. Nothing new with the Maine shooting.

Frankie gives Maura coffee. She has pulled an all nighter. But she wanted to talk to Frankie about the accident. Formulas Layla calculated related to accident. Frankie thinks Layla committed suicide. Maura says there's no way to prove it.

Vince and Jane go over a road map in Maine trying to figure out that case. Jane looks online and finds a quarry or something near the site. Vince will have the troopers look.

Nina finds Frankie. Frankie is looking for proof of suicide. Nina has proof: wrong color reflectors so Layla must have put them there. Frankie is upset about how senseless this was and now he has to explain it to her parents. Nina says he will be okay and takes his hand. They kiss but Nina breaks it off and runs away.

Jane is having someone tail Sands. Meanwhile, Frankie needs to talk to the parents. Things are awkward with Nina and him.

Frankie is upset about the suicide and blames the parents but Jane thinks it's not that simple.

Good news. They found the Plymouth in the Maine Quarry.

Frankie talks to the parents. No evidence of tampering. He sits down with them. Parents didn't know Layla was failing. The mother says they could never have been disappointed in her. They tried to get Layla to go to community college and relax about grades but she refused. The father asks what this has to do with the crash. Frankie tells the parents that Layla was just distracted by her stress and the crash was an accident.

Maura finds prints in the car.  All partials but maybe if they put them together maybe it'll be enough for the judge. 98% match and a DNA match too. Jane is happy.

Alice grabs her gun and runs upstairs as the cops approach the deli (why is she stupid enough to hide in the same place twice?). She seems to have disappeared. Jane realizes she went upstairs. She finds an open window. Alice has a gun to some kid's head and will shoot if Jane doesn't drop her gun. Vince is outside. Alice says she will kill the kid if she doesn't tell Vince to go away. Alice starts ranting that Jane wants her to die and is smug. Alice says she'll still win because after Jane kills her everyone will assume Jane is a dirty cop and not think of her as perfect. She lets go of the kid and points the gun at Jane. Jane shoots her dead. Jane is in shock.

Nina apologizes to Frankie.He insists on beating himself up over and over and promises not to try to kiss her again. She kisses him. Angela turns at the perfect moment to watch it.

At Jane's, Maura finds some sort of torture device. Jane is freaked out. Maura thinks Jane should call Martinez. Jane thinks Maura should ask Kent out. 

Jane lights a lot of candles at church. The priest offers his condolences. He says he has time if she needs to confess. She doesn't. She just wanted to pay her respects. 

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Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Vince: You don't want to go in there angry.
Jane: I'm not angry. I'm way past angry.

Oh. this looks more like a squad room than a home.