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During a creepy thunderstorm, someone is sneaking around what looks like a dilapidated and abandoned hospital, attached to an IV and getting freaked out by the curtains blowing in the wind. Someone grabs her and she screams.

Chez Jane's, the roof is leaking. Maura loves the storm and has a dress for Jane, who forgot about a mystery writers' contest. Maura goes on about internal structure and Aristotle. Luckily, the phone rings.

The victim is Jenny Tate, a cancer patient. The abandoned wing is a new cancer wing being built. Maura thinks she was exercising to overcome side effects of chemo. Anyway she was impaled and may have fallen. There is a white rose by her arm.

No flowers in anyone's room. Frankie is in a hurry for the elevator to close so he doesn't have to see Kent, who invited him to a concert and Kent does taxidermy and dresses up his stuffed dead mice.

A uniform interrupts. A witness is here to talk to them. In interrogation because interview room is flooded.

The witness is a writer who wants to know about the case. She says she can help if they tell her about the case. Jane is skeptical but Vince is interested. The woman says she knows who did it -- a ghost (seriously?)

The woman has a story about a ghost who murders people because she's angry that she died at the hospital. She says the treating doctor was impaled with an iron rod. Anyway she can't get into the archives, which is what she really wants.

Frankie knows that Jenny was a data entry clerk, on sick leave, her husband works for the same company. No threats at the hospital. Nina is running background. Jane has an idea -- how about the chemotherapy patients in Jenny's group?

Maura knows the writer, who is still bothering Vince about getting the archives. Maura says the woman is a great writer. Anyway, her new chemotherapy was not what killed Jenny. The iron bar pierced an artery, causing her to drown in her own blood after falling. But there are small lacerations on her hand from the rose thorns, so the killer had to have put the rose in her hand.

Maura meets the writer, who wants to have coffee. But Samantha has read her forensic papers and thinks one of them could have been a short story. Samantha wants to talk to Maura more about her writing.

Vince tells Jane he doesn't think the belief in ghosts is so crazy. He thinks there's spiritual energy. Jane was looking for Frost after he died, after all.

Someone at the hospital says Jenny was one of their first success stories. The woman thought the death was an accident and is shocked that Jane is investigating a murder.. Vince wants records of lawsuits, etc. The woman says a senior board member told her the ghost story but he died. Anyway, the hospital was ruined in 1905.

Vince and Jane investigate after a security guard heard screams and refuses to go near the new wing. They find a second victim.

The second victim was Jenny's doctor. Frankie wonders why such an elaborate scheme. Vince thinks someone is trying to get back at the hospital. Jane finds out that the hospital is behind on the renovations in the new wing. Maybe the murders are to keep them off the hook for the delays.

Jane suspects Samantha, but Vince doesn't. Jane thinks Samantha is just stupid.

Maura has the autopsy results. The doctor died of an overdose -- he was injected with his chemotherapy drugs. Maura has to go because she is having drinks with Samantha. Jane doesn't think Samantha is sane. Maura promises to be careful.

Samantha has high praise for Maura's writing. She thinks she should write a novel and wants to put Maura in touch with the editors. Angela comes over with food and drink. Samantha compliments Angela's beauty. Someone drops a glass and Angela runs off. 

Samantha tells Maura she does a ton of research, even moving to Edinburgh to immerse herself in a character's world. Samantha doesn't know why someone attached a ghost to the recent murders but may never get that answer.

Vince says Samantha's alibi checks out and he did a comprehensive background check on her.

Frankie and Nina have something: a lot of calls between Jenny and Dr. Morgan. Her husband never called Dr. Morgan until the night of his wife's murder. Three months ago, Jenny and Morgan stayed at the same hotel.

Charles Tate is brought in for questioning. He insists Jenny had cancer and could not be having an affair.  Charles says he knew about the hotel. Jenny had to go to a private clinic in NH to get experimental treatment. Charles loved Dr. Morgan because he was saving his wife. He walks out.

Vince feels bad about how he treated Charles. Maura has bad news: a large amount of chemotherapy drugs were stolen from Jenny's IV. The killer might be able to kill three more people.

Maura says she will have the archives checked out for clues. The killer had to know about the ghost story. She wants to invite Samantha to come with her. Vince wants Samantha to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Maura and Samantha look at the archives from pre-1920. No evidence of anyone having looked at the archives. Maura says the Hannah Rose case may relate to the murders. They must go through the files. Samantha is excited.

Frankie goes to the Dirty Robber to hide from Kent. Angela thinks Frankie should be nicer to Kent. Frankie admits Nina said the same thing. Angela says she became Den Mother for the Cub Scouts even though she hated it in order to help Frankie make friends.  Frankie was shy and needed a chance to make friends. Kent may need similar help. 

Maura catches Samantha cutting pages out of the records.

Maura tells Jane that Samantha was using her to get access to the archives. Samantha was trying to steal a list of patients who died in 1905. Jane will have Nina run the list. Maura regrets giving in to flattery. Anyway, the archives don't have any mention of a ghost. The doctor killed himself after his patients died.

Jane says the killer had to know about it -- how? Jane thinks there has to be a news story. If they can't find it, it's been stolen.

Frankie has an angry phone call with a creditor who thinks he is his father. Frankie says his kid will clean up his messes. Vince tells him to stop putting himself down.

Nina tells Frankie to call Kent. She teases him about Cub Scouts. Anyway, some pages were cut out of the archive files. Frankie has a list of people who looked at them. One of them is Joseph Mason, who was dead at the time he checked into the library.

Kent finds Frankie, who says he would love to come to the concert. Frankie is happy with whatever concert it is and invites Kent into the elevator.

Vince says that Mason's caregiver lived next door. Both caregiver and her husband died of cancer. Jane realizes the woman's stepson was a maintenance guy at the hospital. It turns out Marjorie was rejected for Dr. Morgan's clinical trial. The hospital administrator went to the construction site and Jane realizes she was lured there by the murderer, and sure enough we see her being attacked.

The cops get there with guns drawn. Miller insists it's the hospital's fault his stepmom died. He injects the administrator anyway and then runs away. Jane ends up shooting him. The administrator is taken to the the hospital and will be okay..

At the conference, Samantha sees Maura, who gives her the cold shoulder. Samantha apologizes. She asks Maura to let her make it up to her by introducing her to some people. She meant what she said about Maura's writing. She introduces Jane and Maura to Tess  Gerritsen (the author of the books the series is based on). Jane decides she needs a drink.

Later, Maura is excited aout a writer's retreat that Jane has no interest in. Jane thinks the idea of Jane writing a book is the worst idea.

Frankie and Angela have a good time at the concert. Kent is dressed like Gene SImmons



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