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-Pedophile John Gray escapes custody and goes after his former hostage, Alice.  In the process he kidnaps another girl.  

-Dov captures Gray. Andy finds Gray with a grenade strapped to the girl.  She gets the grenade off the girl but must hold it until the bomb squad can replace the pin.  Sam stays with her and tells her he loves her.

-Sam begs Andy to give him another chance and asks her to meet him at the Black Penny for drinks. Before she gets there, Luke offers her a spot on the task force undercover assignment but she must leave now and tell no one.  She takes the assignment.

-Nick also goes undercover leaving Gail and Sam sitting at the Black Penny not knowing why Nick and Gail haven't shown.

-Chris considers moving back to Timmons with Debbie and Christian.

-After encouragement from Sam, Oliver decides to give things another try with his wife.

-Gail is taken off suspension but must take a pay cut and ride with a training officer again.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Wait, seriously, I'm the only one who's never had sex with anyone from 15?


Chris: I feel like someone's breaking up the band.
Gail: Now that's just silly because we're not a band. But if we were, I would be Yoko. So you all should be celebrating.