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-Nick and Andy have been undercover for six months, posing as a a couple to infiltrate a drug ring. When there shipment is stolen, the ring starts to suspect a link. 


-Back at the 15th, Dov and Shaw arrest Simon Dent for reckless driving. Turns out he's part of the drug ring and drug enforcement forces them to let Simon go. When Sam realizes that Andy and Nick may be in danger, he and the other officers go off the books to try and track them down.


-The drug ring leader believes Andy is the leak and orders Nick to kill her. Nick pulls the trigger but the chamber is empty. Then he and Andy fight their way out and hide. 


-Andy is furious that Nick pulled the trigger but he swears he new the gun wasn't loaded.  Andy finds a phone and calls Sam's cell. The police swoop in to save Nick and Andy. Sam finds them and the two have a tense reunion. 


-Nick and Andy are welcomed back to the 15th. Gail punches Nick, then runs into his arms, thrilled that he's back. Andy goes to see Sam and finds him kissing another officer. 


Rookie Blue
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