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-Darren Cudlow is shot during a bank robbery.  When Kevin Shaffer is found blocks away and covered with orange from the dye pack that was in the money, he's arrested but Andy thinks there's more to the story.


-A cell phone from the dumpster links back to Kevin's old cell mate Timothy McCree. The threatened Kevin into being his accomplice in the robbery.


-Sam and Andy work together and find out that Timothy targeted Darren because he had married his ex-girlfriend. They chase Timothy who opens fire on them but Dov and Chris take him down.


-Dov breaks his vow of celibacy with a badge bunny in the bathroom of The Black Penny.  Chris plans to move to Timmons next month.


-Gail is still angry at Nick until he asks her to move in with him. She says no but is thrilled that he asked.


-Sam and Andy talk and agree that they've broken one another's hearts. Sam is still with Marlo Cruz. Shaw tells her not to give up.


-Frank proposes to Noelle. She accepts.

Rookie Blue
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