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Brian Gaudy is beaten to death and left in the trunk of his car. Police track down a suspect, Sean Harrison who points the finger at his friend who just got out of prison, Larry. When Larry realizes his only friend turned on him, he tries to commit suicide.

Turns out Brian was having an affair with Sean's wife, Kelly. Sean killed him and set up Larry to take the fall. When Kelly figures it out, Sean beats her but she stabs him to death with a kitchen knife. 

The investigation leads Sam and Andy to interview prison inmates, one of which is Sam's father. Sam finally confesses to Andy that his father used to beat him and his mother and sister. When the police came around and asked young Sam to confirm his father's alibi, Sam wouldn't do it and his father was sent to prison. 

Sam is relieved when Andy isn't scared off. She tells him she loves him and the two head home together. 

Dex misses a mediation appointment because he was in a bar fight. Traci tries to get him to back off on the custody fight.

Chloe and Dov discuss how they are both angry over her situation with Wes.

Gail and Nick are partnered for the day and it is more fun than awkward. She offers to make him an online dating profile. He turns her down.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

You didn't want to fight this battle but you still need to win it.


Out of all the squeaky clean guys that we've investigated this guy is the squeakiest.