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Rosewood and Villa take a trip down under to solve the death of a treasure hunter whose body floated on a boat during a cruise party.

David Benjamin Jones was a professional treasure hunter, or for better terms, a pirate, who would often find neat little treasures on his numerous dives. When David's body was found lunged with a priceless emerald, the question posed was he hunted for his treasures?

Rosie and Villa try to find the truth about David's death. Their discovery uncovers the ugly greed instilled in a supposedly trustworthy lifeguard who wanted all of the divers' treasure for himself.

Hornstock's daughter pays him a visit. Sophie doesn't know that her dad isn't the Captain at Miami P.D., so Hornstock comes up with a plan to keep Sophie out of the loop. 

Ironically, Slade agrees to go along with Hornstock's plan, until Sophie figures out the truth for herself.

Pippy returns to her job Magic City Lab, and TMI doesn't know how to deal with being in the same space as Pippy again.

Rosewood confronts his mother Donna about her involvement with Gerald's case. The two have an argument about whether or not she should continue trying to help Gerald. 

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Rosewood Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Carl: You don' think this was an accident?
Rosewood: Accidents don't cause handprints.

Wait, you didn't tell her about the whole demotion thing?