Returning Home - Roswell, New Mexico
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Liz returns home and is blindsided when there's border control outside of her town. 

She argues with the officer in charge and realizes it's a man named Max from her school. 

Once home, Liz spends time with Max but is shot before she gets time to speak much. 

Max uses his abilities and saves her life, but is sure to pour ketchup over her and lies that she was not shot. 

However, Liz is not impressed when she finds a nick in her cardigan and sets out on a mission of her own to find out the truth. 

She worries that she's hallucinating and asks Max straight up, and he gets ready to tell her the truth, but Michael causes a distraction. 

Max later takes Liz to the place the eggs he, Isabelle, and Michael came out of are and tells her everything. 

He says that what she feels is his love for her because he marked her. 

Liz quizzes Kyle about what could have happened to her and he takes it to Jesse to find out more. 

Kyle learns that his family and Jesse's worked together to find out more about the aliens in Roswell. 

Michael tells Isabelle she might need to resort to mind control once again as she did to Liz all those years ago. 

Max tells Isabelle that Liz can't find out about Rosa. 


Roswell, New Mexico
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