Searching for Trouble - Roswell, New Mexico
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Liz learned more details about Rosa's death when Kyle realized her autopsy was fake. 

When he found the real one, it revealed that Rosa was murdered by a probable alien, and she set out to find the truth. 

Liz desperate tried to prove that Max was not part of any of the drama, but she realized he was lying to her after he went too far by showing her a tattoo of Rosa's. 

However, she later learned Rosa got the tattoo the night she died. 

Liz then told Max that the echo had faded and she did not like him as much as she thought she did. However, she was ready to help him find out more about what he was. 

In the end, Liz vowed to stay in town and find out what happened to her sister. 

Meanwhile, Max and Jenna went after Wyatt after they learned that he was the one who shot up the diner. 

He then tried to get Arturo deported by attacking him so he would be sent to the hospital.

Elsewhere, Michael and Alex got closer after Alex threw Michael off the land, and he was forced to look to the future. 

Roswell, New Mexico
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