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In a flashback, the farmer helps Michael's mom and her friend.

Liz asks Kyle to help her steal a machine from the hospital. 

Isobel talks to Liz about telling her father the truth about Rosa. 

Max and Alex visit the Long Farm to see if they have a record of Michael's mom.

Kyle sits with Steph in the hospital while she observes a heart surgery. 

Jenna finds out that her sister is out of jail. 

Isobel uses her mind control on Liz's dad, and sees a memory of him fighting with Rosa. 

Liz and Kyle almost get caught sneaking into the Dean of Surgery's office. They hide in the closet and Liz kisses him as a cover. Steph sees them, but doesn't tell her father. 

Michael and Alex discover a height chart in the old barn, indicating that Michael's mom was there with Max and Isobel's mom. They realize someone might still be alive who knew them. 

With Rosa's help, Isobel puts visions of Rosa in her father's head. 

Kyle confesses his feelings to Liz and tells her he needs to take a step back from her after they resurrect Max. 

Forrest, who Michael knows from the library, believes that the farmer was hiding Nazi prisoners instead of aliens. He tells them that the night of the fire, people believed that the Nazis were building a bomb in the barn.

Forrest thinks the airforce covered up the massacre that happened when they discovered the weapon. 

Alex tells Michael that his great uncle hunted done his mom and was responsible for the fire. 

Kyle tries to apologize to Steph for what happened between him and Liz. 

Jenna leaves town to follow a lead on her sister and is seemingly abducted by a spaceship. 

Rosa reveals that she's alive to her father, and with Isobel's mind nudging, he doesn't question it. 

The power in Max's pod goes out.

Roswell, New Mexico
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Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Steph: So, this is about a girl. You're watching heart surgeries to try and impress a girl whose boyfriend is dying? Did I just wake up in a YA novel?
Kyle: Trust me. With our history, you can fill a whole series.

You're doing everything you can to reunite my family. Let me at least try to reunite yours.