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Hank and Evan head to Florida for Eddie's parole hearing this week.

Evan and Hank visit their father in the correctional facility only to discover that he’d been moved to home detention in Palm Beach three weeks prior. They find that he’s staying with a hacker friend he met in prison and who was suffering from lead poisoning. They attempt to get him to a hospital, but he jumps out of the ambulance heading to a nearby beach in an attempt to swim home to the daughter he barely knows.

Divya was temporarily left in charge of HankMed in Hank and Evan’s absence. She and Jill found themselves delivering Marissa’s baby, who was a beautiful baby boy.

Evan announces his intention to propose to Paige, which Hank is reserved about given her unannounced medical secret.

In the meantime, Hank and Evan meet their estranged grandfather, who is also Eddie R.’s sponsor in the home detention program.

The car in which Jill was riding to transport a blood sample to the hospital is t-boned in the final minute of the episode, leaving us to wonder if she survived.


Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Evan: You're talking to Evan R. Lawson right now. Discretion is my middle name.
Hank: So that's what the R. stands for.

You're the only one not secure in this relationship and you're not even in the relationship

Evan [angrily]