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Divya sees that she’s having a baby boy and she lets it slip to Evan before she’s told Raj, who says he doesn’t want to know. 

Divya runs into Wynn, a repo man, who repossesses their neighbor, McTavish’s plane. But Wynn is sick, running a fever, has a headache, and he’s recently passed out but he refuses to go to the hospital. Wynn has metal fume fever because he’s been cutting metal chains during his repos. 

Wynn passes out while trying to repossess a yacht and cuts off his own finger. Divya shows up and is able to save him and his finger. 

Paige returns and is considering in-vitro-fertilization but doesn’t know how to broach the subject with Evan. When Divya mentions that Raj’s twins were conceived via invitro, they decide that the two couples should have dinner together so that they can bring the subject up. Unfortunately, Raj’s recollections of the experience, although comical, are not flattering. 

Hank goes to Hong Kong with Boris where he plans to announce his genetic disease publicly as well as the new drug his company as developed for it. 

Hank runs into Amy Chang, literally. The two of them ditch the rest of the conference and play hooky in Hong Kong and end up lovers. Turns out Amy works for Boris’ competition and plans to move to New York where she’ll be doing research at NYU. 

Hank hopes for more with Amy but she says that once she’s in New York she’ll be focusing on her research and he realizes that he wants more than that. 

Boris knows that someone is trying to get his DNA information and he thinks it might be his old friend, Guy, who is a reporter so he sets him up. Guy believes he’s sneaking into Boris’ suite to get his son, Carlos’ DNA, but is caught when he finds his own son, Drew there instead as Boris had scheduled a play date for the boys. Turns out Guy is in debt but doesn’t know for whom he’s working. 

Boris gives Guy his blood to give to his employer but it turns out to be a trick and the blood is actually Hank’s. 

Boris returns home to the Hamptons and tells someone that they should make the call. That he’s ready. 

Royal Pains
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Royal Pains Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

You mean you haven't been to medical school? Why the hell am I letting you stick a needle into my spine?


Who knew having it all would be so exhausting?