Rubicon Scene
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API was locked down by the FBI this week, due to a security breach.

As a result, all employees received a polygraph, with Miles quickly admitted he took a classified file out of the building. But he only got a slap on the wrist, as a real leak was later identified: a financial analyst who was using his connections for personal gain. Spangler fired the head of this man's team.

Elsewhere, Grant couldn't make his daughter's play and couldn't even call his wife to tell her he'd miss it. During his polygraph, the machine said he was lying when Grant said he never cheated. The test administrator said this meant he at least would in the future and/or wanted to.

The team did work together at the end to figure out the identity of a woman in the whole George Boeck saga. As they did, Will searched Spangler's office and found photos of him with David. He also found a CD that was a recording of conversations David had with Ed. Because he also found an Atlas McDowell paper weight, David wondered: who are we working for?

Katherine, meanwhile, found a bug in her house, planted by men that broke in. She appeared to leave it forever, tossing her keys into the bushes, as a result.

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