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This is what we learned on Rubicon this week...

- Kale is willing to help Will. He tells his employee that he should continue to investigate David's death, but do it outside the office and his apartment. Every aspect of his life is bugged. Kale also gives Will the name "Edward Roy" as the main person following him.

Later on, Will discovers that Roy is working for the same company on which Tom Rhumer sat on the board. So did a professor friend of Tom's. Both those men committed suicide.

Katherine isn't aware of Roy, but does connect the same dots between her late husband and this acquaintance. She even talks to the latter's widow and finds out he also had a four-lead clover keepsake.

Will also turns the tables on a different man following him at one point. The man won't say who he works for, but Will snaps his picture and plans on looking into it.

- On a personal level, he goes over to Maggie's late at night because he thinks his apartment isn't safe. But she has a man over, a fellow student in a translating class that she called because Will initially blew off her invitation for drinks. This creates some nice awkward tension between Will and Maggie.

- Miles bonds a bit with a random fellow employee at API because he needs her help to translate a wedding George Boeck is attending. She overhears talk there about a "foundation," which gives Miles something to look into. These two seem to get along pretty well, too.

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