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The queens discuss the drama that happened on the main stage. Shea Coulee reveals she was close to voting out Alexis Mateo. Alexis is adament she didn't camapign for Shea.

The lipsticks reveal four votes for India Ferrah and one vote for Alexis Mateo, as well as Shea's vote for India.

The guest judge is Bebe Rexha.

The queens discover India's lipstick message the following morning. She still double-downed on the accustations.

RuPaul reveals the Maxi Challenge is a Ball, inspired by a backyard BBQ. The first look is "Country Cousin Realness", a fake family member attending the BBQ. The second look is a high-fashion look in "Backyard Eleganza" made from backyard items.

The reveal of the items for the second look is done in a parody segment of The Price Is Right.

Jujubee questions all the queens about their ability to sew and hot glue; only Shea Coulee and Miz Cracker have developed skills for sewing.

In confessional, Miz Cracker reveals her past about creating outfits from scratch as a kid. She freaks out about not planning correctly.

Jujubee hates this challenge. She is freaking out about having to create outfits. Shea Coulee gives her some tips on looking at the fabric. Shea also helps Miz Cracker fix her sewing machine.

Alexis Mateo wants to channel her pageant realness in her looks.

Blair St. Clair, Shea Coulee, and Alexis Mateo discover that India Ferrah left them letters in the Werk Room. Alexis is upset that the letter didn't apologize to her.

RuPaul visits the Werk Room and asks Alexis about why she looked upset on the runway. Alexis lightly talks about the drama. Shea Coulee discusses how her father died before the cast got revealed during RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9, and how her sister died soon after.

Jujubee discusses how her mother abandonded her and her sisters when she was a kid. In confessional, Jujubee reveals that she found new founds, broke up with her fiancee, and gave up using drugs. Things get emotional with RuPaul.

Blair St. Clair talks about how people stare at her outfits during family reunions. She wants to do a high-fashion look on the runway. Meanwhile, Shea Coulee is still trying to figure out Alexis' true motives.

Some of the queens say they'll vote with their hearts, but Alexis Mateo thinks that is a vague way of saying they'll vote for her.

RuPaul's sisters are on the runway during the runway.

For the first look on the runway, the queens are in Country Cousin Realness. Miz Cracker's is in a boho style gown, Jujubee is a sexy cousin with a giant hat, Blair St. Clair is a biker chick, Shea Coulee is in a giant t-shirt, and Alexis Mateo is dressed as RuPaul's sexy former maid.

The second look, "Backyard Eleganza," is high-fashion looks. Miz Cracker has a badminton-inspired look from a tablecloth, Jujubee has a watermelon-inspired gown, Blair St. Clair does a high-fashion/slicked back look, Shea Coulee is a backyard bride, and Alexis Mateo is in a ball gown made out of solo cups and a kiddie pool.

The judges loved Miz Cracker's outfits on the runway; they found them very high-fashion. Miz Cracker gives praise to Shea Coulee for helping everyone. The judges liked Jujubee's character and outfits, but the seams aren't even and set. The judges think Blair's first character could've been trashier and that her second look was messy.

The judges loved Shea's looks on the runway. Shea talks about why she helped the other queens fix their gowns. The judges don't like the form of Alexis' second look since it bunches, and her first character wasn't fully-developed.

Miz Cracker is the top All Star of the week. The rest of the queens are in the bottom. In confessional, Miz Cracker is very happy to make Top 4.

During Untucked, the queens talk about their performance on the runway. Miz Cracker announces she thinks the bottom two are Blair St. Clair and Alexis Mateo since they did the worst and never won a Maxi Challenge this season. In confessional, Blair is pissed that Miz Cracker would call her out.

Blair takes Miz Cracker aside and begs to stay; she keeps mentioning that they're friends since their original season. In confessional, Blair St. Clair thinks Miz Cracker finds her as a threat and would cut her.

Alexis wants Miz Cracker to follow her heart, but she wants to stay since she's consistently been in the top. At the main couch, Shea Coulee gives Blair St. Clair an opportunity to fight for her survival. Blair states she has much more to give and that Alexis is the weakest queen still left.

At the voting, Blair votes for Alexis and Alexis votes for Blair.

The lipsync assassin is Roxxxy Andrews. The lipsync song is "One Last Time" by Ariana Grande.

Roxxxy does a bunch of outfit reveals until she's just in an outfit that shows "Thick & Juicy." Miz Cracker moves a lot across the stage.

Roxxxy Andrews is the winner of the lipsync. Roxxxy's lipstick reveals Alexis Mateo.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Jujubee: I know you bitches are conspiring against me.
Shea Coulee: No, that dress is conspiring against you!
[They all laugh]

Miz Cracker: For me, based on the report card, we have two ladies that have won challenges; one with twice. And if I’m going by the report card, it would have been Alexis and Blair in the bottom.
Blair St. Clair: [In confessional] Oh, so that’s the game we’re playing? You’re just going to throw your friend under the bus?! If I was questioning my friendship with Cracker before, I’m absolutely questioning it now.