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The queens return to the Werk Room and make jokes about Trinity K. Bonet's wig falling off. They talk about it being the first tie on stage and why some of the queens voted out Jan/Pandora Boxx.

Trinity K. Bonet calls herself the frontrunner.

For the next day, RuPaul reveals the Maxi Challenge is the Snatch Game of Love. The queens have to come up with a celebrity impersonation to win over the judges.

The guest judge is Tina Knowles-Lawson (i.e., Beyonce's mother).

Trinity is worried because Ginger Minj is a superstar in the Snatch Game challenges. Ginger Minj will be Phyllis Diller.

Eureka! will be Divine, the original drag superstar. Eureka is feeling the pressure because she wants to win her first challenge. Pandora Boxx will be Kim Cattrall from Sex and the City. Pandora is worried because her original Snatch Game on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2 was legendary.

Trinity will be Whitney Houston. Trinity has experience performing Whitney on stage, but RuPaul pushes her to be quick-witted and funny. Kylie Sonique Love will be Dolly Parton. Kylie was the first queen ever to be eliminated from losing the Snatch Game; she plans to play off her strengths.

Ra'Jah O'Hara will be La Toya Jackson. RuPaul and La Toya have been friends for over 25 years; Ra'Jah is worried to match La Toya after hearing that.

The queens play the Snatch Game of Love. The first group is Phyllis Diller, Whitney Houston, and Dolly Parton. Ginger and Kylie kill it, but Trinity stumbles a lot. The second group is Divine, Kim Cattrall, and La Toya Jackson. La Toya gets plenty of laughs from RuPaul; Pandora is average and Eureka gets some jokes, but other jokes were too aggressive.

During the next day, Ra'Jah is feeling alright since most jokes land. Kylie and Ginger are happy because they played really well off of each other. Pandora and Trinity, on the other hand, are unsure of their performances; they feel Eureka's performance of Divine was too harsh and over the top.

"Pop Art" is the runway category. Ginger is in a large artistic dress with her face on it, Kylie has a Jessica Rabbit-inspired gown with a face in the front, Eureka has a 60s Mod-inspired dress on with her face on it, Pandora has her face on a cartoon-inspired dress, Ra'Jah went for a stylish diamond purple ensemble, and Trinity went for an artistic and political fashionable ensemble.

During the judging panel, the judges loved Ginger's Snatch Game and her runway, they love Trinity's runway but her Snatch Game failed to get laughs, they loved Kylie's performance and her runway, they loved Eureka's runway and thought most of her jokes landed, they loved Pandora's runway but her Kim Cattrall wasn't funny, and Ra'Jah's runway didn't fully meet the challenge, but her Snatch Game was fun.

Ginger Minj is the top All Star of the week. Trinity and Pandora are the bottom two queens. Kylie, Eureka, and Ra'Jah are safe.

During the campaigning, Trinity understands why she failed Snatch Game, but she's fine with that. Pandora apologizes to Eureka for the way her words made Eureka feel she was being blamed for her bad performance. Trinity thinks that her two challenge wins should help her survive the week. Ginger contemplates voting out Trinity and Pandora based on their performances.

Trinity votes for Pandora, and Pandora votes for Trinity.

The lip-sync assassin is Heidi N Closet from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12.

The lip-sync song is "Sugar Walls" by Sheena Easton. Ginger goes for camp and humor while Heidi brings out tricks and moves.

Ginger wins the lip-sync. Ginger's lipstick vote is for Pandora Boxx.

An hour later, Pandora is invited to play the game-within-a-game.

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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Ginger Minj: [As Phyllis Diller] She’s saying she has nothing.
Trinity K. Bonet: [As Whitney Houston] Yes!

RuPaul: Dolly Parton is here!
Kylie Sonique Love: [As Dolly Parton] Well, hey there, sugar!
RuPaul: Why’d you come in here looking like that?
Kylie Sonique Love: [As Dolly Parton] Well honey, I might be married, but I can look at the map. Don’t mean I’m going on a trip.