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Michelle Visage introduces all of the Season 12 girls and their finale looks. Crystal Methyd is dressed as a pinata, Gigi Goode in a form-fitting blue gown, and Jaida Essence Hall in a cosmic look.

RuPaul explains that all the cast and crew are recording from home due to the quarantine.

Each finalist has to compete in a zoomed-in face lipsync, a pre-recorded virtual performance, and then a head-to-head final two lipsync.

The main judges make hilarious introductions. Several of the guest judges and celebrities send video messages thanking RuPaul's Drag Race for keeping them distracted during the quarantine.

RuPaul loves playing around with filters.

A video montage shows Crystal Methyd's journey. RuPaul conducts an interview with Crystal; he thanks her for applying the judge's critique and thriving in the competition.

Crystal Methyd's parents send a loving video message. Her grandmother sends a message as well.

Crystal Methyd plans to add lots of humor and personality to her performance. RuPaul asks her to send a loving message to her younger self.

The entire cast records a joint lipsync thanking all the frontline workers fighting COVID-19.

A video montage shows Gigi Goode's journey. Gigi's interview outfit is inspired by a RuPaul look from the '90s.

Gigi Goode's mother sends her a loving video message. Gigi is very grateful for her mother and what she's done for her. Gigi sends a loving message to her younger self.

A video montage shows Jaida Essence Hall's journey. Both Jaida's brother and father send her loving video messages.

Jaida says a thank you to her late grandmother who accepted and loved her throughout her life. Her drag character is inspired by the Old Hollywood characters they watched when she was younger.

Jaida Essence Hall sends a loving message to her younger self.

A funny segment shows "Heidi's Guide To Social Distancing." The scenes include washing hands, socializing while distancing, practicing for drag, and using her drag product.

The first lipsync is the "Close-up Lipsync." Each queen has to lipsync to a song while sitting up close to the camera and showcase their emotions. The song is "Bring Back My Girls" from RuPaul.

A tribute is shown for the late Drag Race producer, Jacqueline Wilson. Past contestants like Monet X Change, Bianca Del Rio, Bob The Drag Queen, Latrice Royale, Scarlett Envy, and more send loving messages.

A lipsync with the full cast promotes citizens to vote during the election.

The second lipsync for the crown is a pre-recorded performance by the queens with a song of their choice. The judges will narrow the competition down to the final two are their performances.

Crystal Methyd performs to "Like A Bird" by Nelly Furtado. She creates an artistic performance as a mother and baby bird.

Gigi Goode performs to "Take On Me" by A-ha. She has a background designed to match the music video, and she magically changes into a different outfit.

Jaida Essence Hall performs to "Get Up" by Ciara ft. Chamillionaire. She films the segment in her living room and incorporates filters to look like a music video.

The judges critique the close-up and pre-recorded performances. The judges think Crystal was creative and captivated in the close-up; Gigi had a well-conceptualized concept and was amazing; and Jaida positively stole focus from the queens and she inhabited the performance. Ross Mathews agrees with Michelle Visage.

Gigi Goode, Jaida Essence Hall, and Crystal Methyd won the lipsyncs. They will all move to the final round to sing the last song.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 Miss Congeniality Nina West films a video message with Dolly Parton. Nina crowns Heidi N Closet as the new Miss Congeniality!

Each queen in the competition is awarded a $2,000 tip for entertaining people during the quarantine.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11 winner Yvie Oddly returns to talk about her victory tour and showcase her look.

For the final lipsync for the crown, each queen was given the same materials to create an identical set for fairness. The song is "Survivor" by Destiny's Child.

Crystal Methyd dress is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Gigi Goode is dressed as Dorothy, and Jaida does a dress reveal with an orange number. Gigi does a reveal where her gown changes colour and Jaida has a reveal where there is a crown on the back of her dress.

The winner is Jaida Essence Hall. Yvie hands her an emoji crown; all the guest celebrities and contestants cheer her on.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 14 Quotes

RuPaul: Now, is it just me or do you also hear that song when I say your name?
Crystal Methyd: It follows me everywhere I go.
[They laugh]
Crystal Methyd: People have been telling me that when you search “El DeBarge,” that I show it.
RuPaul: It is absolutely crazy!

Michelle Visage: She used her couch. She used her floor. She used her hair. If anything was in Jaida’s way, she was gonna use it, and that she did. Amazing!
Ross Mathews: Oh my God, you guys. I think this quarantine is getting to me because I actually agree with Michelle.
[Carson Kressley is shocked]