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Kandy Muse is the first queen to enter the Werk Room. She describes herself as a Dominican doll from New York City; she says her most talented asset is her mouth.

Kandy Muse is wearing a bedazzled denim outfit and boombox. Kandy is the drag daughter of Aja.

Joey Jay entered in a feathery red bodysuit. Joey Jay says she's wacky and the "stupidest bitch you'll ever meet." Kandy is unimpressed by Joey's chicken feather outfit.

Joey Jay is not a full-time drag queen; she owns the fact she's a basic queen.

The Drag Race sirens ring out with only two queens in the Werk Room. RuPaul (on the TV screen) tells the queens to head to the main stage for a surprise.

On the mainstage, RuPaul walks in a transcendant white and purple gown. RuPaul reveals the new safety precautions at the judging table.

The new twist for the premiere is that the queens will come in six lip syncs for your lives where some queens will shante while others will sashay away.

The judges interview Kandy Muse and Joey Jay. Kandy reveals she left the Haus of Aja.

Kandy and Joey lip sync to "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. Kandy adds humor to her routine while Joey goes for an energetic routine with some humor.

Kandy wins the lip sync. Joey Jay gets the pork chop and leaves the stage.

Denali is a Chicago queen; she walks in with ice skates and swam lake-like outfit.

LaLa Ri enters the Werk Room; she is an Atlanta queen and describes herself as an entertaining queen. Denali is unimpressed by LaLa's body suit and flat wig. They get a different message from the first group.

Denali reveals she's a professional ice skater outside of drag; she thinks she's more of a Tonya Harding type. LaLa describes her opening look as a classy-yet-sassy look. Denali is worried about lip syncing in ice skates.

"When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls is the lip sync song. LaLa jumps into performing mode and adds sass while Denali throws out acrobatics and ferocity (her outfit is not made for performing).

LaLa Ri wins the lip sync. Denali gets the pork chop and leaves the stage; she's upset that she didn't show what she could on Drag Race.

Denali walks to Untucked and finds Joey Jay there. The room is designed as the Porkchop Loading Deck, which includes photos of all the first eliminated queens of past seasons.

Symone is an "ebony enchantress" and shines in her confidence. She walks in with a constructed polaroid dress of her photos. Tamisha Iman is from Atlanta and she walks in with an 80s-inspired suit with large shoulder pads; she is a pageant queen.

Symone reveals her photos are of different parts of her. MIchelle Visage is impressed with Tamisha's breast plate. Tamisha has worked in drag for 30 years and she was cast in RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12, but she had to drop out because she got diagnosed with cancer.

"The Pleasure Principle" by Janet Jackson is their lip sync song. Tamisha goes for an energetic routine with dance moves while Symone goes for sexy movements. Symone adds expressive facial movements and bits of humor.

Symone wins the lip sync. Tamisha gets the pork chop and joins the others in the loading dock. Denali suspects that this isn't the end and there's a twist; Tamisha isn't optimistic.

Gottmik is an LA queen; her drag is inspired by fashion and designers. She walks in with a colorful ruffled body suit with black and white hair/makeup. Gottmik is the first female-to-male transgender contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race. They are also a successful makeup artist.

Utica Queen is from Utica. Utica is wacky, crazy, and walks in wearing a bright green wif with multiple patterns on their suit.

Gottmik describes their drag with a clownish touch that balances black/white with colours. Gottmik admits they're not the strongest lip sync assassin. Utica Queen describes her wearing the large strawberry is about their fear of strawberries as a kid.

"Rumors" by Lindsay Lohan is the lip sync song. Utica Queen adds quirky moves to their routine while Gottmik tries to lip sync with fierceness. Gottmik does a split.

Gottmik wins the lip sync. Utica Queen gets the pork chop and joins the other cut queens.

Rose walks in with a full pink outfit, wig, and makeup. Rose is a comedy queen; she painted a black tooth in her mouth before wiping it off. Rose has been on The Voice and America's Got Talent.

Olivia Lux is a New York City queen; she describes herself as a "Diana Ross" diva. Olivia and Rose are excited to see each other; Olivia has a lot of respect for Rose. Olivia has only been doing drag for a year and a half.

On the main stage, Rose reveals she's friends with Jan and wants to last longer than her in the competition. Olivia wanted to dress as a theater curtain.

"Ex's & Oh's" by Elle King is the lip sync song. Olivia slides off their dress to reveal a body suit; she adds energy and humor. Rose plays with humor and wants to bring everything to the take with her strong lip sync skills. Olivia thinks she's one with the song.

Olivia Lux wins the lip sync. Rose gets the pork chop and joins the other girls.

Tina Burner is a New York CIty queen and loves her Broadway aesthetic. She walks in with a fire hydrant-inspired look.

Kahmora Hall is all about glitz and glam. She loves to look like she's dripping in diamonds.

A third queen walks in: Elliott with 2 Ts. She describes her drag as a housewife with secrets; she's been doing drag since she was 15. In confessional, Tina thinks she looks like Elliott went walking with her mom.

On the main stage, the judges acknowledge Tina's legendary status in NYC. Tina reveals she was in a boyband. RuPaul loves Elliott's outfit; Elliott is a professional dancer and loves to party. Kahmora Hall is inspired by Beyond The Valley of the Dolls and is wearing an original Bob Mackey. Jaida Essence Hall is the big sister of Kahmora.

"Lady Marmalade" is their lip sync song. Kahmora is happy her dress works with the song. Tina Burner adds plenty of humor to the song with gestures and tongue shakes. Elliott with 2 Ts goes for dance moves and stretches.

Tina Burner wins the lip sync. Kahmora Hall and Elliot with 2 Ts both get the pork chop. They join the other cut queens in the loading dock.

Back in the Werk Room, the winning queens are celebrating and drinking. Kandy Muse and the other queens are so happy to see Tina Burner make it on Drag Race. In confessional, Rose admits she likes Tina, but she thinks Tina doesn't like her.

Over a speaker, RuPaul does a message wishing the girls a safe travel. After a funny bit, she reveals that the cut queens can have the chance to return to the competition, but the queens must now vote to give one of the queens the chop.

The episode ends on a "To Be Continued..." cliffhanger.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 1 Quotes

You know, everyone can be a drag queen, but not everyone can be a star. I’m a star!

Kandy Muse

Joey Jay: Filler queen.
[Joey Jay kisses and does a peace sign.]
Kandy Muse: [In confessional] Filler queen?!