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The queens read Dahlia Sin's goodbye message. In confessional, Rock M. Sakura is worried that anyone could go because Dahlia left.

In confessional, Nicky Doll wants to fight harder and not end up in the bottom again.

At the couch, Aidan Zhane stands up for herself as a leader. Brita jumps in and wants to get feedback as a strong competitior; Aidan is hesitant of her ability.

Cystal Methyd asserts that she only wore light makeup during the last runway.

At the welcome desk, Brita talks about her dream of winning the competition. The others joke that it was just a dream and she woke up.

The Mini Challenge is about raising awareness for the declining bee population. The queens have to quick drag into bee outfits and do a dance improv.

Widow Von'Du does a death drop, Rock M. Sakura and Jaida Essence Hall do a splits, Heidi N Closet does an upside split, Aidan Zhane fakes a sad face, Jan spanks herself, and Gigi Goode does backflips. RuPaul joins in on the dancing.

RuPaul publicly states that he will never call Heidi by her full name.

Gigi Goode wins the Mini Challenge.

The Maxi Challenge is a fashion ball. The queens must create three looks: Lady Baller, Basketball Wife Realness, and Balls to the Wall Eleganza. The final look must play with balls and be created in the Werk Room.

In confessional, Heidi N Closet is worried because she's only ever sewn one garment.

Crystal Methyd wants her ball look to feel like a pinata.

Nicky Doll wants her outfit to be fashion-forward and creative. Something that fits into her aesthetic. In confessional, Gigi Goode is worried about Nicky because she's her biggest fashion threat. Gigi's outfit will be more '60s Mod.

In confessional, Jan talks about playing soccer as a kid and growing up in a Catholic school. She calls herself the "Troy Bolton" of drag.

Brita feels overwhelmed about what to create. She takes an inflatable ball and thinks of creating a pineapple princess, but she needs Gigi's help to sew.

Rock M. Sakura created an outfit base with duct tape so that she can place balls on it. Brita thinks it looks like a disaster.

Jaida Essence Hall is creating a gown of white balls. She realizes that she doesn't have enough balls to create the dress she had in mind.

Gigi panics because she spent too much time creating the base and not placing the balls.

Aidan wonders if her outfit is too simple. Jan is shocked that Aidan didn't realize that she outfit looked like a referee. Aidan finishes first and doesn't spend more time adding to it.

In confessional, Jan worries for Nicky because she doesn't think the judges notice her fun and goofy side.

Jackie Cox and Heidi think Rock M. Sakura's dress could use some editing. It's just a lot of balls.

Brita is mad at Aidan for taking a nap and not spending more time on her outfit. The others question her about why she didn't do more. In confessional, Jaida reminds that an eleganza ball needs more than just makeup.

Rock M. Sakura talks about the comments she gets about being Asian and using makeup at cosplay conventions. In confessional, she talks about her aesthetic and that it's hers.

During RuPaul's walk, the guest judge sings the song and livestreams it for Twitter. Leslie Jones is having an amazing time.

During Lady Ballers runway, Jackie Cox goes for a lacrosse theme, Aidan Zhane as a League of Her Own, Rock M. Sakura turned her hair into a tetherball, Jaida is a WNBA player, Brita has baseballs for shoulders, Crystal Methyd goes for bowling, Jan is in a soccer outfit, Heidi as a golfer, Widow Von'Du is equestrian, and Gigi Goode is a Heather/croquet player.

During Basketball Wife Realness runway, all the queens wear sexy and sophisticated outfits. Jan has a customized purse, Sherry uses a money rain machine, and Crystal Methyd pulls back her makeup.

During Balls to the Wall Eleganza runway, Jackie Cox creates a disco-inspired gown, Nicky makes a fringe tropical gown, Aidan Zhane has a referee corset, Rock M. Sakura is covered in a fitted ball suit, Jaida looks like a bubble bath, Brita looks like a pineapple, Crystal looks like Carmen Miranda, Jan looks futuristic in a high-concept look, Heidi goes for space alien, Sherry looks like a forest queen, Widow goes for a Wakanda look, and Gigi looks to be surrounded by gumballs.

Jackie Cox, Crystal Methyd, Jan, Heidi N Closet, Sherry Pie, and Widow Von'Du are safe.

The judges liked Nicky's outfits on the runway. Michelle challenges her to be more goofy to show her personality.

The judges like Aidan's first outfit, but the other two outfits fell flat and looked too simple.

The judges liked Rock M. Sakura's hair and makeup. She needed to fix her padding, do something more exciting with some outfits, and edit her outfits to pull back.

The judges liked Jaida Essence Hall's outfits and makeup. They wouldn't change a thing.

The judges don't believe that Brita's outfit looks like a pineapple. Her outfits were unfitted and didn't execute their visions properly.

The judges loved Gigi's outfits on the runway. Gigi talks highly of her mother and her sewing/costuming abilities.

During the private judging panel, the judges worry about Nicky's inner personality, they think Aidan is overwhelmed, Rock M. Sakura's last outfit was the worst of the night, Jaida looked like a star, Brita failed to impress the judges, and the judges loved Gigi's performance/outfits.

Gigi Goode won the Maxi Challenge.

Rock M. Sakura and Brita ended up in the bottom.

The queens lipsync to "S&M" by Rihanna. Rock M. Sakura rips off part of her outit, but it get stuck at points. Rock brings out a bunch of tricks and Brita adds humor to her routine.

Brita wins the lipsync. Rock M. Sakura tells the world to love themselves; she cries off-stage.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 4 Quotes

Brita: I had an amazing dream last night.
Heidi N Closet: What was it?
Brita: I won RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12.
Aiden Zhane: And then you woke up.
[All the girls laughing, Brita shocked]

RuPaul: [About Jaida] Oooh, she is giving me Bee-yonce.
[Scene switches to Aidan Zhane dancing]
RuPaul: And she is giving me Bea Arthur!