Gay's Anatomy Mini Challenge - RuPaul's Drag Race
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Brita reads Rock M. Sakura's mirror message in the Werk Room. Everyone talks about Rock M.'s crying after being eliminated. In confessional, Brita remarks how she's slipping in the competition, but in New York, she's at the top.

Gigi Goode is so happy to have won. Nicky wants to show off her goofy personality to the judges.

Everyone tells Aiden Zhane that they were surprised she didn't end up in the bottom. In confessional, Brita is mad at Aiden for not trying harder.

For the new day, the queens talk about men and who they find attractive. Honey N Closet thinks Jan would be the "trade" of the season with her real eyebrows.

RuPaul dresses in a doctor coat for the Mini Challenge. He reveals the Maxi Challenge is an acting parody of Grey's Anatomy called, "Gay's Anatomy."

The Pit Crew comes up in sexy male nurse costumes. They hand out pills for the queens to find the two pink pills. Gigi Goode and Nicky Doll win, so they get to assign all the roles for the challenge.

The queens debate over the acting roles. Jackie Cox wants to be Meredith Gay, but Jan want to be Meredith Gay 2. There's a debate over the roles Aiden Zhane and Widow Von'Du want; neither of them get the roles they wanted.

Jackie Cox is unimpressed that Aiden Zhane doesn't know who Mae West is.

Nicky tries to make a plan with Widow Von'Du, but Widow brushes her off with a lack of energy. In confessional, Nicky is worried about being in the same spot as the improv challenge.

Brita and Aiden Zhane have to work together in their scene. In confessional, Brita is worried that she'll have to carry Aiden again.

RuPaul does his walkthrough and tells Brita and Aiden to break out of their shells. In confessional, Jaida Essence Hall wants Aiden to stop relying on the excuse of not being from a big city. Aiden thinks the competition out of their element.

RuPaul tells Nicky to push herself. He is also confused that Widow Von'Du would be so upset about wanting to play a serious role in a comedy acting challenge.

Carson Kressley is watching and running the acting challenge. At the start, Jaida is stumbling over her words and can't remember her lines.

In confessional, Jackie remarks that Gigi Goode is emerging as a threat since she's killing the acting challenge.

Heidi N Closet and Crystal Methyd are patients with a giant fork stuck between them.

During the scene of Brita, Jan, and Sherry Pie, Sherry steals the scene with her acting in the wheelchair.

Widow Von'Du steals her scene by giving scene to a glitter bomb. Her ad-lib of a "white party" impresses Carson. During the improv scene with Nicky Doll as a baby, Nicky forgets to improv.

The scene between Aiden Zhane and Brita proves challenging as they missed lines and Brita keeps spitting on Aiden. In confessional, Brita is mad that Aiden gets to play dead while she has to put in more for the scene.

At the new day, Jackie asks the girls if people dropping lines will drag people into the bottom.

In the Werk Room, Jackie Cox cries over telling the story about how her mother doesn't support her career in entertainment. Widow Von'Du breaks down over not having a relationship with her mother; her mother died after coming out and they never repaired their relationship.

Singer Normani is the guest judge.

The runway category is "Planet of the Capes."

Jaida Essence Hall uses overdramatic shoulders with her cake, Brita goes for a red naughty cape, Jackie does a gold Middle Eastern cake, Jan portrays a skydiver, Gigi Goode dresses as a girl scout, Sherry Pie does Elvis, Heidi N Close does a rainbow wing cape, Crystal Methyd does a golden flower child, Aiden Zhane does a black cape inspired by "Silence of the Lambs," Widow Von'Du has a watermelon cape, and Nicky Doll has a sheer Mugler cape.

The Gay's Anatomy video shows the queens excelling in the acting talent. Dahlia Sin returns for a cameo guest spot in their costume.

Jan, Widow Von'Du, Jackie Cox, Sherry Pie, Gigi Goode, and Aiden Zhane all end up in the top. The winner of the challenge is Sherry Pie.

The judges noticed that Jaida Essence Hall kept trying too hard to remember her lines that she forgot the jokes. They love her cape runway.

The judges like her padding, but want her cape to stand out. They feel her role didn't stand out or add meat to the scene.

The judges think that Heidi N Closet could've given more during the challenge. Her outfit on the runway is confusing that's from two eras.

The judges think Crystal added more to the acting role, and they're happy to see her makeup change. Michelle Visage hates the boots for her runway outfit.

The judges think Nicky Doll could've pushed her acting role even more; she could've taken it even crazier. They think her cape wasn't much of a cape on the runway.

RuPaul asks the queens who should go home tonight. Jaida chooses Heidi, Brita chooses Nicky, Heidi chooses Nicky, Crystal chooses Nicky, and Nicky chooses herself due to the challenge. She chooses Heidi when pressed by RuPaul.

In the private judging panel, they don't think Jaida understood the jokes, that Brita was overprepared and flat, that Heidi needed to hone in on one costume idea, Crystal looked pretty, and that Nicky's performance went nowhere.

Jaidi, Brita, and Crystal end up safe. Heidi N Closet and Nicky Doll end up in the bottom two.

The lipsync song is "Heart To Break" by Kim Petras.

The queens enact a sexy lipsync, but Heidi N Closet adds more energy and comedy to the performance. Her wig falls off during a tumbling move.

Heidi N Closet wins the lipsync. Nicky Doll leaves the runway with poise and thanking her new drag family.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Episode 5 Quotes

Widow Von’Du: Brita should’ve been safe.
Heidi N Closet: And you’re saying Aiden should’ve gone home?
Widow Von’Du: Yes!
Heidi N Closet: But I see a fire burning in her. I feel like she might…
Widow Von’Du: You see a candle.
Nicky Doll & Heidi N Closet: Ooooooo!

Pit Crew, your patients await. And ladies, I’m sorry to inform you, there will be no anal option.