Symone Counting Wins - RuPaul's Drag Race
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The queens enter the Werk Room to read Olivia Lux's lipstick message. The remaining queens look back at their previous challenge wins and their lip-sync performances.

During the next day, the queens talk about what they'd do with the prize money. Kandy Muse wants a boat.

RuPaul reveals the Maxi Challenge is for the queens to write lyrics and perform in their new song, "Lucky." This is the last Maxi Challenge. Each queen will also be guests on "Inside Drag Race," a conversation with RuPaul and Michelle Visage.

Jamal Sims will be choreographing the dance number.

The queens start writing their verses for the song. Rose wants to add a little bit of rap to the song. Gottmik wants their lyrics to be positive and happy.

Kandy Muse is worried she'll end up at the bottom again. She's been at the bottom during group performance challenges like the lip-sync number.

During the conversation, Gottmik reveals how they created their drag race and that their boy name came from a porn actor. RuPaul and Michelle think Gottmik has discovered their comedy side. There are lots of laughs between Gottmik and the judges.

Rose's conversation focused a lot on how they transitioned from theater to drag. She feels more comfortable while being in drag and getting to explore more. Kandy Muse's conversation was about growth and how they were celebrated for things people made fun of.

During Symone's conversation, they talk about Symone moving from Arkansas and overcoming the inner saboteur.

Jamal Sims teaches the queens their steps for routine. Symone's routine is a sexy routine on a chair; she's worried about not getting the steps. Jamal teaches Gottmik to follow the lyrics to get their steps. Jamal wants Kandy Muse to have precise moves on the main stage. Rose nails the choreographed steps, but not the swag or free steps.

While the queens get ready, they make fun of Gottmik's short purple wig. The queens reminisce and talk about their first impressions of each other. The queens think Rose was funny, Kandy made friends, Gottmik represented everyone, and Symone blossomed into a queen who loves herself.

RuPaul's runway outfit is a short yellow and silver floral number.

The Lucky dance number is filled with animations and has a 60s vibe to it. There aren't many sets or backgrounds; it's pretty simple of a number.

The runway category is "Drag Excellence." Gottmik is in a white fitted gown with black circles and circle holes, Kandy Muse is in a mesh outfit with large sleeves, Rose is in a tartan gown, and Symone is in a purple fitted gown with large sleeves.

During the judge's panel, the judges love Gottmik's runway (and past runways); they enjoyed her performance and her positive attitude. RuPaul gives a heartwarming speech about Gottmik feeling love and giving people a roadmap to happiness. The judges liked Kandy's runway outfit and think she had plenty of charisma in the lip-sync performance. The judges think Rose was a professional throughout the competition; she was polished on the runway and in her lip-sync performance. The judges loved Symone's runway outfits (and her past runways) and her lip-sync had plenty of personality.

RuPaul does the iconic moment of asking the queens to speak to their younger selves.

During the secret judging panel, the judges think Gottmik has done better and better, Kandy Muse has grown in the competition, Rose is a true professional, and Symone is a star.

All four queens must lip-sync for their lives, but each queen will lip-sync one at a time. The lip-sync song is "I Learned From The Best" by Whitney Houston. The queens each give an emotional performance with plenty of expressions; Kandy does a reveal with her dress.

All four queens are moving into the finale.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 14 Quotes

Symone: Oh s***, what did I win?! I won…
Kandy Muse: Just say four…
Symone: Just four. Just four lovely challenges.

As much as I love these bitches, athletes don’t go to the Olympics to make friendship bracelets. I’m ready to take these bitches down. Love them so much.