New Year, New Ru - RuPaul's Drag Race
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The finale starts with RuPaul singing and performing to "New Friends Silver, Old Friends Gold." There are clips from a socially distanced audience in a parking lot with their cars at the Drag Race Drive-in.

Gottmik's finale look is a black and white Hellraiser-inspired look with pins on her head. Kandy Muse's finale look is a black and white glam white dress with black cursive lettering. Rosé's finale look is a black and white My Fair Lady-inspired look in tribute to Audrey Hepburn. Symone's finale look is a black and white opulent faux fur gown with frills and lace.

Gottmik's second finale look and is David Bowie-inspired red jumpsuit with white designs. Kandy Muse's second finale look is a red leather mini dress with headphones and a boombox. Rosé's second finale look is a red tree jumpsuit with red vines and branches. Symone's second finale look is in a red fringe dress with hand nails headpiece on her pigtails.

Gottmik's eleganza finale look is a regal evil queen look with a red heart in the middle. Kandy Muse's eleganza finale look is a peacock-inspired ball gown. Rosé's eleganza finale look is a sparkly Scottish-inspired queen look with green crystals. Symone's eleganza finale look is a golden armed gown with a white snack Medusa wig.

RuPaul's finale look is a tie-dyed dress. Jaida Essence Hall is hosting the Drag Race Drive-in.

A montage is shown of Gottmik's time in the competition. Gottmik talks about growing in the competition and finding her humor. Paris Hilton sends her a good luck message; Gottmik's parents send them a message too.

A montage is shown of Kandy Muse's time in the competition. Kandy Muse talks about her fight with Tamisha Iman, her accent, and her friendships. Kandy gets a message from her mother. She promises to survive even more lip-syncs to deliver a show.

A montage is shown of Rosé's time in the competition. Rosé sprained her ankle a few months ago. RuPaul and Rosé laugh about her Scottish flair. Rosé gets a message from her family. Rosé thinks being a Porkchop queen will help her in the finale.

A montage is shown of Symone's time in the competition. Symone talks about getting a message from Rihanna on social media. She hasn't been back to her hometown since she left years ago. Symone gets a message from her mother.

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the first reported case of AIDS, a tribute performance is performed by the Final 4 to "Friends" by Bette Midler. The performance is the queens out of drag watching their drag personas singing and dancing on stage.

A tribute is shown of Chi Chi DuVayne.

RuPaul reveals all three lip-sync songs are Britney Spears. Senator Cory Booker (RuPaul's cousin) does a message before the wheel is spun.

The wheel lands on Kandy Muse; she is the first queen to perform in the lip-sync. RuPaul spins the wheel to determine her competitor. The wheel lands on Rosé.

Kandy Muse chooses the furry pink box. The song is "Work Bitch" by Britney Spears. Both queens pull pieces away from their outfits to reveal different bodysuits. Kandy Muse adds movement and fierce expressions while Rosé provides an average performance.

Kandy Muse wins the lip-sync.

The smooth pink box is revealed to be "Gimme More" by Britney Spears. Both queens do outfit reveals and sexy lip-sync routines. Gottmik does a split while Symone does more alluring expressions.

Symone wins the lip-sync.

A montage shows all the eliminated queens and their finale looks. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 Heidi N Closet returns to reveal the new Miss Congeniality. The winner of Miss Congeniality is Lala Ri. All queens receive a $2,000 tip for their work during the pandemic.

The reigning queen Jaida Essence Hall performs her finale walk in her finale gown.

Symone and Kandy Muse return for the final lip-sync. "Till The World Ends" by Britney Spears is the final lip-sync song. Symone does an outfit reveal into a fringe yellow dress and yellow streamers explode from her wig. Kandy Muse pulls a flag from her wig.

Symone is crowned the winner.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 16 Quotes

RuPaul: Who has the best “D”?
Heidi N Closet: Now that I’m here… L.A.!
[They both laugh]

RuPaul: Now, I love your Scottish brogue. I can say only one thing with a Scottish accent, it’s “Lawrence Chaney!” Can you teach me how to say something else with a Scottish brogue?
Rosé: Yeah, here’s one … “Ellie Diamond!”
[RuPaul laughs hard]