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Lizzo is the guest judge.

Alyssa Hunter is the first to enter the Werk Room; she arrives in a hunter-inspired outfit. Alyssa is from Puerto Rico and she's won many pageants. The second queen to enter is Bosco, a campy alternative queen from Seattle. Bosco says she will be unpredictable and do many outrageous things, but she's competitive.

Kornbread arrives in a sexy black leather coat dress and makes everyone laugh. She is from L.A. and makes jokes with all the queens; she is excited and wants to win.

Willow Pill is the next queen and she's dressed in a Paris Hilton-inspired outfit. The other queens underestimate her and make jokes about her shoes and outfit. Willow says she hasn't been in drag for over a year. Willow's sunglasses keep falling off her head.

Kerri Colby struts in with a glamorous white gown with the trans flag. Kerri is friends with Kornbread, and Willow is captivated by Kerri's beauty.

June Jambalaya struts in with a blue psychedelic jumpsuit. Kornbread is friends with June and she's shocked to see her. The last queen to enter is Orion Story, who does a whistle tone and catfish prank as her entrance line. Orio wears a glamorous corset covered in stones.

The alarm sounds and RuPaul informs the queens that it's a double premiere; there will only be seven queens for the first night. However, one of the queens will be eliminated by the end of the round.

The first Mini Challenge is a freaky photoshoot. The queens will be tied to a spinning grand finale wheel and will have to serve face in her photos. The challenge is to serve a great look to deserve being at the finals.

Willow has a hard time keeping her skirt down in the spinning wheel. Kerri's hair and cape keep covering her face. Kornbread's wheel changes direction mid-spin.

Kerri Colby wins the Mini Challenge.

The Maxi Challenge is a talent show performance at The Charisma, Nerve, and Talent Show. Each queen will have to showcase a talent for the judges.

The queens get ready out of their drag. Kornbread and June think Alyssa Hunter is the hottest out of drag. Everyone thinks Willow looks so young; Willow is 26 years old.

Kornbread says her talent is lip-syncing to her original song.

Kerri tells RuPaul about her drag family and how she doesn't talk much with her real mother. Kerri's talent is a jump rope.

June tells RuPaul her drag style is "clatchet" (i.e., classy ratchet). June's talent is dancing to African music. Orion Story wants her talent to be storytelling.

Willow Pill says her drag expanded after meeting Yvie Oddly and doing a documentary about her for college. She says her drag is channeled from darkness. Her talent is a mix of a lip-sync and a self-care tutorial.

During the next day, Kornbread is smudging the room. Alyssa says her talent is playing rock and roll with a guitar. Bosco will be doing burlesque.

Kerri and Kornbread talk about how they met each other. They also talk about their past being in church; Kornbread reveals they farted on a pastor who tried to make them feel evil.

Lizzo visits the Werk Room and wishes good luck to all the queens. The queens are all excited for the jokes and fun Lizzo dished.

On the main stage, RuPaul performs a lip-sync number with backup dancers to her new song, "Catwalk." The judges are Michele Visage, Ross Mathews, and Lizzo. Ross reveals he's engaged.

June is the first performer, she's dancing to African music. June has plenty of energy but her headband keeps falling. Bosco does a burlesque routine by getting undressed in a floral gown.

Alyssa Hunter lip-syncs to a heavy metal song with a guitar; the queens are confused that she's not actually playing the guitar. Kerri does a sexy jump rope routine. Orion Story does a comedic lip-sync of a gym teacher.

Kornbread does a lip-sync to her original song. All of the queens and judges are laughing at her looks. Willow Pill does a strange-yet-funny routine.

The runway is "Signature Showstopping Drag."

June is in a glitter jumpsuit with a train, Bosco is in a black glittery jumpsuit with devil horns, Alyssa Hunter is in a glittery Eliza Doolittle-inspired gown with ostrich feathers, Kerri has a fur coat with a "K" chain gown, Orion Story is in a polka dot dress with exposed three boobs, Kornbread is in a glittery corset and fringe hair, and Willow Pill is in a blue and green lycra dress.

During the judging panel, June is told that her headband kept falling and that the judges can see her undergarments, the judges loved Bosco's talent show and her runway, the judges think Alyssa should've had a routine that introduced who she was, they loved Kerri's routine, but they wanted her to get to it sooner, the judges think Orion's show should've been workshopped more, the judges loved Kornbread but want her to pay attention to the small details, and the judges loved Willow's talent show but not her runway look.

During the secret panel, the judges think June has fire but needs to step it up with details, Bosco is funny and fashionable, the judges loved Alyssa's runway but they're confused by her talent show, Kerri should've started earlier with her talent, Orion needs to jump into the game, Kornbread delivered and is funny, and the judges loved Willow and want to see more.

Kornbread wins the challenge. Bosco, Kerri, and Willow are safe. Alyssa Hunter is safe. June and Orion are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "Water Me" by Lizzo.

June serves dance moves and fierce energy. Orion does mellow lip-sync, the splits, and a wig reveal.

June wins the lip-sync. Orion Story is eliminated from the competition.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 1 Quotes

I’m the first one? Always number one.

Alyssa Hunter

I’m Bosco, and I’m here to show the world that I’m not just some skanky alternative girl from Seattle. I’m THE skanky alternative girl from Seattle. [Laughs]