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The queens enter the Werk Room after the lip-sync. They celebrate Symone's win. Symone is happy about being told she has star quality.

Both Gottmik and Kandy Muse are happy it was a non-elimination round. Both expected to be lip-syncing for their lives. Elliott with 2 Ts couldn't imagine voting anyone out after the round they had.

The queens call themselves "The Winners Circle."

The Pork Chop Queens discuss how lucky they are still being in the competition. Utica Queen gushes about how cute everyone is.

For the Mini Challenge, the queens have to create two looks for a Lady and the Vamp runway.

Denali spills that Kahmora Hall takes hours preparing her makeup. Kahmora finds its spiritual experience, but the other queens think it's about getting it on quickly. Kahmora is panicking about her makeup mistakes and rushing her makeup.

The producers give a 5-minute warning, but Kahmora Hall isn't ready on stage.

"Lady 2021" is the first runway look. Denali is in a blue dainty doll dress, Joey Jay is wearing her real hair and a vest with thigh-high boots, Rose is in an artistic geometric dress, Tamisha Iman is in a fabulous pant look, Utica Queen is in a mod 60s ball outfit, and Kahmora Hall is in a Kate Middleton-inspired luncheon dress.

"Vamp 2021" is the second runway. Denali is in a burnt ballroom dress, Joey Jay is in a Game of Trone dark dominatrix look, Rose is in a couture Alexander Wang look with an elaborate hat, Tamisha Iman is in an Elvira dress covered in wigs, Kahmora Hall is in a vintage Mugler black dress and wet red hair, and Utica Queen is in a burgundy dress with a wide collar.

The queens gush about competing in the Mini Challenge with each other. Tamisha Iman reveals she's been in over 200 pageants and won 95 of them. Tamisha reveals she's 49-years-old and has three children.

The Maxi Challenge is the queens performing to the song, "Phenomenon." The group must write their own lyrics and choreograph a routine.

The girls discuss if they're gonna sing or rap during the song. Rose is gonna sing, Utica will rap, and Joey Jay is just gonna let their gay shine to cover up not singing or rapping.

Denali, Joey Jay, and Rose are trained dancers and choreographers. Tensions rise during rehearsals as the three compete to set the dance moves. Kahmora Hall is having a hard time remembering her steps.

Tamisha Iman is standing back in astonishment over how chaotic the other queens are becoming. Tamisha steps in to try to pull the mess together, but she's not sure things could be fixed.

The next day during the mirror moment, Tamisha is shocked to hear the queens talking positively about their rehearsal. The other queens give Kahmora support for doing well in the competition.

Kahmora talks about keeping her drag life separate from her boyfriend. She's living a separate life as a drag queen and only does it in her free time.

Tamisha talks about her drag family and some of her children, including the daughter who did the iconic drop from the ceiling. During her confessional, Rose talks about liking her sisters, but she came to win the competition.

RuPaul is in a stunning tangerine dress. The guest judge is Nicole Byer.

The queens perform "Phenomena." Luckily, they remember all their steps and make a solid routine.

"We're Shear, We're Queer" is the runway theme. Denali's look is a sheer violet and wispy look, Joey Jay has a black fringe look inspired by the 20s, Kahmora Hall is a glittery bodysuit with a wispy cape, Rose is in a colourful look with lots of fabric and plastic designs, Tamisha Iman is in a sheer golden gown that's glam, and Utica is in a flowy gown with lots of scarves.

The judges loved Denali's versatility on the runway and her performance. Nicole loves Joey Jay; the judges want more versatility from her to wear some wigs. The judges love all of Kahmora's designer outfits, but they want to see more personality from her. Rose won the judges over with her performance; they feel she's a craft queen at times. RuPaul loves Tamisha's sheer runway outfit and the judges loved all her outfits; they want her performances to be bigger than ever. The judges love Utica's quirky personality, but they want it to be kept together.

During the private judging panel, the judges loved Denali's overall personality, they want more wig and outfit versatility from Joey Jay, Kahmora Hall needs more in her performance plate, the judges are excited to see more from Rose and Tamisha, and they love Utica's quirkiness.

Denali and Rose are the Top 2 queens of the week. The rest of the queens are safe. Denali and Rose will compete for a cash tip of $5,000 and their first Maxi Challenge win.

"If U Seek Amy" from Britney Spears is the lip-sync song. Denali utilizes a lot of dance moves and a Britney Spears vibe while Rose does a comedic routine. Rose does a deathdrop and Denali does a split.

Denali wins the lip-sync. RuPaul reveals that next week queens will start going home.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 3 Quotes

You can’t have too many cooks in the kitchen. You can’t have too many choreographers on the dance floor.

Tamisha Iman

It is now time to figure out choreography for our “Phenomenon” track. I’m a professional choreographer, so I can take charge. But I am a little nervous about the other girls. When it comes to a group show, when there is one bad egg, it can bring the whole group down.