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The queens in The Pork Chop Loading Dock receive the twist that they'll need to vote someone out. The queens are shocked and not sure how they'll vote.

Joey Jay votes for Elliott with 2 Ts. Denali votes for Joey Jay. Kahmora Hall votes for Utica Queen. The combined votes result in a tie between Elliott with 2 Ts and Utica Queen. The queens must vote again to break the tie.

Elliott with 2 Ts gets the pork chop and leaves the loading dock. 

The winning queens enter the Werk Room and celebrate their first real day in the competition. Kandy Muse hopes the losing queens don't return; in confessional, Tina Burner says that Kandy causes all the trouble in New York City.

RuPaul introduces Elliott with 2 Ts to the group of the winning queens. In confessional, both Kandy Muse and Tina Burner don't like that Elliott is back. RuPaul discusses the past and the importance of not feeling like a loser.

The Mini Challenge is the queens walking the runway in a daytime sunny look and a vampy nighttime look.

During the mirror moment, Kandy and Symone are suspect of Elliott. In confessional, Tina Burner thinks Elliott is a spy and shady. Elliott with 2 Ts asks Kandy if she thinks she'll go home early since she's related to Dahlia Sin and Aja. The comments cause drama in the Werk Room; Kandy Muse is upset with her.

"Daytime Drama Mama" is the first runway. Gottmik wears a skin-tight leather look with clouds and rainbow, Kandy Muse is in a red flowy gown, Lala Ri in a flowery Southern belle look (she trips over her fabric), Olivia Lux is in a mod-style outfit with lavender fur, Symone in a 90s multi-colored suit with a cape, Tina Burner is in a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired look in red, and Elliott does a Parisian beret in red.

"Nighttime Is The Right Time" is the second runway. Gottmik has a black gown with a pasty, Kandy Muse in a skin-tight red latex devil look, Lala Ri in a sexy black and chainmail leather dress, Olivia Lux in a glam glittery couture gown, Symone is in a goddess gown like the Matrix, Tina Burner is in an orange and yellow latex outfit, and Elliott is in a gothic black temptress look.

Kandy Muse is theorizing that Elliott is a spy.

The Maxi Challenge is a girl group challenge to perform for RuPaul's song, "Condragulations." They will have to create their own original verse and choreography.

The queens start brainstorming lyrics for the song; Tina Burner talks about her past in a boy band. Olivia Lux is excited to utilize her songs for songwriting. Elliott with 2 Ts is worried about failing again as the girls keep giving her shade.

No one steps up to choreograph the routine; Elliott plans to not reveal their dance training. Lala Ri is unimpressed with the simple dance moves pitched by the others. Symone isn't prepared for the dance routine.

The queens turn on the music and the lyrics reveal Gottmik's transgender status before they were able to chat with the other queens. Gottmik can't concentrate on their steps because they're worried about what the other queens will think.

During the next day, the queens are getting ready for the performance. Elliott is determined to shine this week. During a mirror moment, Gottmik chats with Olivia Lux about their gender and the anxiety they felt during the rehearsal. In confessional, Olivia Lux is happy to be there for Gottmik.

Gottmik identifies as he/him out of drag and she/her while in drag.

Elliott with 2 Ts reveals what happened to the losing queens and that they're coming back into the competition.

The queens talk about who they'd vote out of the competition. Many of the queens would vote out Tina Burner or Gottmik because they're the biggest competition. In confessional, Olivia Lux thinks the others view her as the weakest threat.

On the runway, RuPaul is wearing a glittery gown. Michelle Visage has a new white streak in their hair. Ross Mathews returns to the panel. Choreographer Jamal Sims is the guest judge.

"Lamay, You Stay" is the runway theme.

The queens perform Condragulations. During the song, Kandy Muse misses a few steps and watches the others for steps. Olivia Lux harmonizes and Lala Ri drops a hard beat. Elliott with 2 Ts drops a split during their routine.

On the runway, Gottmik is in a golden-stoned outfit with a cape, Kandy Muse looks like the Fembots from Austin Powers, Lala Ri is in a golden lamay outfit to look like chocolate, Olivia Lux is in a waterlily-inspired outfit, Symone is in a boxing-inspired look, Tina Burner is in a Tin Man look, and Elliott is in an 80s prom outfit.

The judges loved Gottmik's runway outfits (all three), but they could tell she was nervous during the Main Challenge. The judges liked her nighttime look, but they were confused about her daytime look; they could see she messed up during the performance. Ross loved Lala Ri's nighttime look and her lamay runway; her performance had lots of confidence.

The judges loved Olivia Lux's three runway outfits and her performance during the Main Challenge. The judges were impressed by her runway outfits and thinking outside the box; they think she has star quality. Tina Burner did great on the runway and Michelle Visage was happy she didn't wear a red/orange/yellow palette. Michelle loved Elliott's nighttime look, and the judges loved her performance.

During the secret judging panel, the judges want to see if Gottmik can develop her performance confidence, if Kandy Muse can improve her aesthetic, and that Lala Ri can perform. The judges love Olivia Lux and Symone, they think Tina Burner will need to adjust to TV life, and that Elliott with 2 Ts redeemed herself.

Olivia Lux and Symone are the top 2 queens of the week. The rest of the queens are safe. In confessional, Gottmik is excited because she thought her and Kandy Muse would be lipsyncing for their life. Olivia and Symone will lip-sync for a $5,000 tip.

"Break My Heart" by Dua Lipa is the lip-sync song. Olivia Lux adds comedy and emotions while Symone serves look and acting.

Symone wins the lip-sync. She wins $5,000 and the first Main Challenge.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 2 Quotes

Attention, Queens! You all have a chance to return to the competition, but first, you must give one of your fellow queens THE CHOP! Let the voting begin.


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe … Utica, you gotta go.

Kahmora Hall