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The queens walk into the Werk Room and find Kahmora Hall's lipstick message. The queens reflect on surviving the elimination and ending up in an official bottom placement. Kandy Muse thinks Elliott with 2 Ts should've been in the bottom.

Tamisha Iman cuts Kandy off when Kandy says Symone is her biggest competition. Tensions flare up between Kandy and Symone.

The next day RuPaul hosts the Mini Challenge: the queens have to dress up as babies and dance. Lala Ri wins the Mini Challenge after twerking it hard on the ground.

The Maxi Challenge is The Bag Ball: Mixed Bag where the queens create a look with a punny bag, Money Bags is a boss bitch look, and a third look that's made from scratch out of bag material.

The queens swarmed the supplies and took all the bags they could. Kandy Muse decides her look will be inspired by being a hoe with college school bags.

Rose and Elliott with 2 Ts think that the bald-headed queens are the most worried about not knowing how to sew, as well as Kandy Muse. Utica Queen shows Lala Ri how to load a sewing machine, but Lala breaks the machine.

Symone is spiraling and worried about her constructed work; Gottmik gives her ideas on how to create an outfit. Gottmik and Kandy want to help her.

Lala Ri reveals that Tamisha Iman is her Drag Mother and the first person who put her in drag. It's not an "Iman" challenge, but she's under Tamisha's family. Lala Ri hot glues a bunch of bags to a corset, but she doesn't have enough materials to finish it.

The queens talk about real-life balls. They dance and perform in the Werk Room doing moves.

During RuPaul's walkthrough, Symone admits that she doesn't know how to sew. Kandy blanks out and when RuPaul asks her a question, she gives a stock answer, and RuPaul laughs. Gottmik and Utica reveal they have experience with creating clothes. RuPaul makes a joke about Joey Jay's boots and Lala Ri promises to bring an experience to the runway.

For the Money Bags look, the queens have to design a specialty Coach bag they must wear down the runway.

Kandy Muse reveals she has a crush on Joey Jay, but she doesn't like Joey's fashion taste level.

The queens talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and the Rashad Brooks incident.

RuPaul's runway is a pink ruffled dress. Nicole Byer is the guest judge.

For the Mixed Bag runway, Denali is in an airbag-inspired look,  Joey Jay is a rhinestone nurse/IV outfit, Lala Ri is in a voodoo skeleton bag, Elliott in a gift bag-inspired look, Tamisha Iman is dressed as an old woman, Symone is in a glittery gown with huge fake boobs, Olivia Lux in a pink boxing outfit, Gottmik is dressed in a body bag/dead body, Rose is in a bagpipes-inspired look, Tina Burner in a brown bag-inspired drunk look, Kandy Muse as a magician look, and Utica as a doggie-inspired look.

For the Money Bags look, Denali is in a Cruella-inspired look, Joey Jay as a Kill Bill vixen look, Lala Ri wears no wig and in a ruffled look, Elliot does a structured business look, Tamisha Iman does a glamorous Atlanta look with a peacock flair, Symone in a futuristic businesswoman, Olivia Lux is in a business look with a blue cape, Gottmik in a modern Gen Z look covered in crystals, Rose is in a polka dot 80s-inspired business look, Tina Burner is in a sparkly Dynasty houndstooth look, Kandy Muse as a Rihanna-inspired look with a money headpiece and revealing pink look, and Utica is inspired by Chicago and Carol Burnett in a black-fitted suit.

For the "Gag Us With Your Bag Us", Denali wears a floral print dress inspired by Mexican culture, Joey Jay wears a look in white polka dots inspired by Lady Gaga/Madonna, Lala Ri tries a Grace Jones look, Elliott does a Las Vegas rich woman look in cow print, Tamisha Iman creates a shiny metallic look with sparkly shoulders/waist, Symon does a beach look in a red and white two-piece ensemble, Olivia Lux does a look in holographic bags that look like Athena, Gottmik does a Matrix-inspired look to feel futuristic, Rose does a silver femme fatale alien outfit, Tina Burner in a red look with yellow suspenders, Kandy Muse is in a naughty school girl look, and Utica does a snake-inspired couture look that looks like a snake/starlet look.

Denali, Elliott, Symone, Olivia, Tina, and Kandy are safe.

During the judging panel, the judges loved Joey's first look, but she doesn't get their jokes. The judges liked Lala's first two looks, but they hate her constructed; they wonder why she didn't do anything when her first plan didn't work. The judges think Tamisha's first two outfits were too simple; they also think her last look needed some finer touches removed. The judges loved all of Gottmik's looks; her money bags look blew them away. The judges like all three of Rose's looks. The judges loved Utica's looks, especially her last look.

During the secret judging, the judges were appreciative of seeing Joey wearing wigs, the judges hated Lala Ri's final outfit, Tamisha's final look was overdone, the judges loved everything about Gottmik's outfits, Rose's first and third looks were great, and Utica blew them away with the outfits she created.

Gottmik wins the Maxi Challenge. Utica Queen, Rose, and Tamisha Iman are safe. Joey Jay and Lala Ri are in the bottom two.

The lip-sync song is "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX. Lala Ri adds plenty of humor to her routine and Joey Jay brings the flair. Joey throws money up in the air and Lala jumps down to grab it.

Lala Ri wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 13 Episode 5 Quotes

[In confessional] She is not a judge. She doesn’t get to decide why I was safe. My job is to win, not to listen to peasants and what they have to say about me.

Elliott with 2 Ts

Kandy Muse: But right now, Symone has two wins under her belt and she’s my biggest competition here right now because…
Tamisha Iman: No, no, no. No, no, no. Don’t … no, no. She is competition, but she ain’t your biggest. You haven’t seen us yet.