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The queens reenter the Werk Room to read Orion Story's lipstick message. June Jambalaya says how hard it was to lipsync for her life. The queens hypothesize about the second batch of queens.

During the next day, Jorgeous enters the Werk Room in a sexy red feathery dress. She's a small queen who is inspired by Latina women and superstars. She's a dancing queen.

DeJa Skye walks in with a polka dot dress; she's a plus-size queen who loves bold colors and pastels. She's from Fresno, California, and loves making jokes. Jasmine Kennedie is a dancing queen from New York City; she loves polished and pageantry looks.

Maddy Morphosis is the first male cisgender heterosexual male on RuPaul's Drag Race. She enters the Werk Room in a Guy Fieri-inspired fire dress. The next queen is Angeria Paris VanMichaels walks in with a parasol and polka dots dress. She is a Southern queen who loves 50s aesthetic and she's a pageant queen.

Lady Camden is a British queen; she walks in with big pink hair and a 90s pop diva aesthetic. She knows DeJa Skye from working and living in Sacramento. The last queen to enter is Daya Betty; she loves 80s grunge and early 90s punk-rock aesthetic. She is the drag daughter of Crystal Methyd.

RuPaul enters the Werk Room and tells the queens that one of them will be eliminated this episode.

The Mini Challenge is a photoshoot challenge where the queens have to pose with the tic tac bowl. When DeJa is shooting her photos, RuPaul acts out an exaggerated frustrated scene; she reveals a giant tic tac bowl. Maddy Morphosis finds Santino Rice's hat in the tic tac bowl.

Angeria Paris VanMichaels wins the Mini Challenge.

The first Maxi Challenge is performing their talent at CNTs. They'll have to show off a talent to the judges.

The queens are undressing and getting out of drag. In confessional, Daya Betty knows that Maddy is straight, but she's not saying anything so that Maddy can say it themselves.

RuPaul does their walkthrough. Angeria tells RuPaul that she'll be performing to an original song. Daya Betty reveals that she's Type-1 Diabetic, and her talent is a lip-sync to a P!nk song. RuPaul pushes Daya to have her talent incorporate more of her personality and show her off.

Lady Camden's talent is a dance mix of ballet and modern music. RuPaul says they find ballet boring, so they want Lady Camden to elevate the talent. DeJa Skye's talent is a cheerleading lesson; she has a history of teaching cheerleading. Maddy's talent is playing guitar live; RuPaul pushes them to elevate their talent.

RuPaul drops the truth that Maddy is the first straight drag queen in the competition. The rest of the queens are shocked to hear the news. In confessional, Maddy reveals they experienced some negativity being a straight man in the drag world.

The guest judge is Alicia Keys.

During elimination day, the queens are getting ready in front of the mirror. The queens ask Maddy about performing in drag; they're supportive of Maddy and Maddy talks about their experience in Arkansas.

Alicia Keys appears behind the mirror and chats with the queens.

For the Maxi Challenge, Jorgeous performs their sexy dance routine. Jorgeous is doing many tricks and hair flips for the judges. Jasmine Kennedie does a sexy dance routine with plenty of flips.

Daya Betty is doing a lip-sync with some magic tricks. Lady Camden does a ballet routine inspired by Center Stage. DeJa Skye does a comedic cheerleading lesson, but it fails to get the laughs. Maddy performs her guitar routine, but it's low energy and boring. Angeria does a lip-sync to her original song; it's a high-energy routine with a wig reveal.

The runway category is "Sickening Signature Drag."

Jorgeous wears a gorgeous purple gown that reveals a diamond bodysuit, DeJa Skye is in a black and teal lace, Jasmine Kennedie is in a golden lamay dress, Maddy Morphosis is in a Marie Antoinette-inspired severed head look, Angeria is in a fitted burgundy and gold gown, Lady Camden is in a 90s rave girl peacock outfit, and Daya Betty is in a fitted dress with ribbons and ties.

During the judging panel, the judges loved Jorgeous' runway and they want her talent to have right out of the gate, they love DeJa's runway but her talent wasn't funny, they loved Jasmine's talent and her runway dress, they love Maddy's runway but wanted more showmanship with her talent, the judges loved Angeria's talent and runway, they loved Lady Camden's talent and runway, and they thought Daya's talent and runway were lackluster.

During the secret panel, Jorgeous was a strong performer, DeJa needed jokes in her routine, Jasmine had the fire in her routine, Maddy needed to add more energy in her routine, Angeria had a very strong week, Lady Camden did a great job with her routine and runway, and Daya Betty needs to show more of herself.

Lady Camden and Jorgeous are safe. Angeria is the winner of the Maxi Challenge.  Jasmine Kennedie is safe. Maddy Morphosis is safe. DeJa Skye and Daya Betty are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys.

Both deliver an emotional lip-sync to the song. Daya scratches herself with her nails and bleeds. DeJa does emotional facial expressions and movements.

DeJa Skye wins the lip-sync.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 2 Quotes

[In confessional] Hopefully, you hoes understand. Baby, Kornbread came here to compete!


[About Maddy Morphosis] She’s flame-broiled. She’s a burger queen.

DeJa Skye