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The queens return to the Werk Room and read June Jambalaya's lipstick message.

The queens talk about Willow Pill's recent win. Jasmine Kennedie is sad that she didn't win the Ball. The other queens are frustrated with Jasmine's constant talking.

During the next day, Kornbread tells Jasmine Kennedie the truth about her talking and how it's an issue. The rest of the queens are in agreement about her advice.

RuPaul reveals the next Maxi Challenge is about the queens creating super teases about the Drag Race season. There will be two big teams; the teasers must show off shade, drama, comedy, and more.

Willow Pill and Maddy Morphosis are the team captains.

Willow chooses Kornbread, Lady Camden, Bosco, Kerri Colby, and Jorgeous. Maddy chooses DeJa Skye, Daya Betty, Angeria Paris VanNichaels, Alyssa Hunter, and Orion Story.

Jasmine Kennedie, as the last queen, chooses to join Willow's group. She wants to prove to Kornbread and the other queens that she can work with them.

Willow's group wants to do overdramatic versions of themselves, like in Drop Dead Gorgeous. Willow is surprised that Jorgeous is overwhelmed. Kornbread keeps snapping at Jasmine every time she does something.

Maddy's group wants to do outrageous scenes. Angeria loves Maddy's ideas. Alyssa is upset because she feels that her team doesn't like any of her ideas or is listening to her.

During the rehearsals, Jasmine, Kornbread, and Kerri practice their scene at hte mirror. They stumble at first, but they get a good scene. Kornbread is surprised she worked well with Jasmine.

Maddy's group films their Untucked and Angeria shines during her fight scene. Maddy and Daya hit their marks. Alyssa stumbles during her scenes. In confessional, Orion thinks Alyssa doesn't have any levels.

Willow shines during the Untucked rehearsal. Kerri is stumbling over her words; Willow doesn't think Kerri's role has depth. Jorgeous isn't sure if she's doesn't well. Kornbread goes outrageous with her scene, but Jasmine is unsure if Kornbread had levels to her scene.

During the next day, Kornbread says that her body is aching. Jasmine reveals to Daya that she's taking lessons and wants to change. In confessional, Kornbread says that she doesn't have much tension with Jasmine.

In the mirror moment, Alyssa Hunter reveals that her father is gay and they came out together. Kerri and Kornbread talk about checking out Alyssa's package.

Jennifer Lopez sends a video message to all of the queens.

On the main stage, RuPaul is wearing a golden Xanadu-inspired gown. Loni Love is the guest judge.

The runway is "The Night of 1,000 JLS." Willow wears a look inspired by her Grammys 1998 look (a glittery fitted grey dress), Kornbread wears a heavenly-inspired gown from the Met Gala, Lady Camden wears a flowy coral dress inspired from the CFDA Awards, Bosco wears a golden look inspired by the 2009 Golden Globes look, Kerri Colby wears the iconic green 2020 Versace runway look, Jorgeous wears a fitted disco ball look from the Super Bowl, Jasmine Kennedie wears a glittery gown from the AMAs, Maddy Morphosis wears the white winter look from the Inauguration, DeJa Skye wears the 2018 VMAs golden bodysuit, Daya Betty wears the leather jumpsuit from the Super Bowl, Angeria wears the flowing diamond gown from the Met Gala, Alyssa Hunter wears a hustler suit from the VMAs, and Orion Story wears a fitted red velvet gown from the HFC dinner.

Everyone watches the teasers.

Lady Camden, Bosco, Jorgeous, Jasmine Kennedie, Maddy Morphosois, Daya Betty, and Orion Story are safe.

During the judging panel, the judges loved Willow's acting performance and they liked her runway, they loved Kornbread's runway look but they want her to have levels in her comedy and outside of fat jokes, they loved Kerri's runway but wanted her to let her guard down in the challenge, they loved DeJa's acting performance and her runway, they loved Angeria's acting performance and her runway, and they loved Alyssa's runway but her acting was too outrageous.

During the secret judging panel, they loved everything about Willow, Kornbread needs to balance her power, Kerri needs to commit, DeJa killed it in the acting, Angera went for it in everything, and Alyssa took it too far.

DeJa is safe. Angeria Paris VanMichaels is the winner of the Maxi Challenge. Willow Pill is safe. Kornbread is safe. Kerri Colby and Alyssa Hunter are at the bottom.

The lip-sync song is "Play" by Jennifer Lopez. Kerri goes for a sexy and sensual performance. Alyssa goes for an upbeat routine with movement and tricks, but her money gun fails to load.

Kerri Colby wins the lip-sync.

Alyssa Hunter's RuPaul candy bar was only chocolate. She is eliminated from the competition.

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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 4 Quotes

[In confessional] I can admit, I am a very Chatty Kathy. Just because … I don’t like dead air.

Jasmine Kennedie

If you’re talking, you’re not listening. Listen to the words I am saying, and then give a conversation about it. That’s all I’m saying.