Kerri Colby Confessional - RuPaul's Drag Race
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The queens enter the Werk Room and read Alyssa Hunter's lipstick message. Kerri Colby knows she needs to get past her pretty image.

Kornbread is unsure about herself after landing in the bottom three.

During the next day, the queens return and see that Kornbread isn't there. RuPaul shares a video message from Kornbread: she had rolled her ankle during the previous Mini Challenge and the doctor says she has to stay off her ankle for 6-8 weeks. Kornbread has to leave the competition.

All of the queens are sad that Kornbread left the competition. In confessional, Daya Betty is a little happy that a tough competitor is gone.

To choose teams, the queens will have to break balloons by popping them against the Pit Crew.

Green team: Bosco, Daya Betty, and Lady Camden.

Purple team: Jasmine Kennedie, Maddy Morphosis, Orion Story, and Willow Pill.

Orange team: DeJa Skye, Kerri Colby, Jorgeous, Angeria Paris VanMichaels.

Tempest DuJour, Jaymes Mansfield, and Kahmora Hall return to the Werk Room. For the Maxi Challenge, the teams have to create charity videos to raise awareness about first-eliminated queens.

The queens start planning with new guests. Tempest DuJour wants her commercial to be funny; she reminds them about the queens calling her old. Jorgeous isn't confident about her performance.

In Jaymes' group, Willow and Maddy feel like they're putting in all the work. Orion isn't mastering the rhyming or quips.

In Kahmora's group, the queens want to make jokes and be playful with Kahmora. RuPaul is curious how the group will perform since none of them have been in the top.

RuPaul tells Jaymes' group that they need to add flavor and character. Orion has a hard time answering RuPaul's questions. In Tempest's walkthrough, Jorgeous doesn't think she'll be good at acting.

The queens record their commercials in front of Michelle Visage. DeJa Skye forgot her lines while Jorgeous couldn't get her line done in music time. Bosco takes charge of her group and dictates the order. Willow gets laughs for her fake accent. Orion Story falls flat with her routine, while Jasmine Kennedie does her inflection like The Count.

During the next day, Lady Camden, Bosco, and Daya Betty think they worked really well together as a team. Jorgeous thinks everyone in the Werk Room is lying about their performance. Jasmine Kennedie is worried about her performance, but Orion Story feels very confident.

Jorgeous reveals that she got into drag young. She bought her own drag and got into it; her parents had to be there in a club when she performed in drag. During a mirror moment, Willow Pill reveals that her brother gave her a kidney and she was diagnosed with her condition at birth.

Ava Max is the guest judge.

"Spring Has Sprung" is the runway category. Jorgeous is in a cute lacy mint dress, Kerri Colby is in avant-garde floral creature, Angeria Paris VanMichaels is in a Cardi B-inspired yellow floral gown, DeJa Skye is in a pastel pantsuit with a bunny mask, Maddy Morphosis is in a rainy cloud outfit with fringe, Jasmine Kennedie is in a green beaded and stoned corset, Orion Story is in a sexy lingerie bunny, Willow Pill is in a pastel yellow dress with a house on her head, Daya Betty is in an orange butterfly pixie dress, Lady Camden is in a tea table dress with a large teacup on her head, and Bosco is in a cloudy ruffled ball that transitions into a yellow ballgown.

Tempest DuJour wears a sexy golden dress with leopard print, Jaymes Mansfield wears a Shirley McClaine-inspired pink dress, and Kahmora Hall wears a sexy vintage green Bob Mackey from his last runway.

The "Save a Queen" commercials are aired. Sarah MacLachan does a cameo appearance.

Kerri Colby, Deja, Maddy, Willow, and Daya are safe.

During the judges panel, the judges loved her runway but they thought she wasn't confident in the video, Angeria's dress wasn't great but they liked her acting, the judges loved Jasmine's dress but think her video had weird inflections, they liked Orion's dress but hated her video performance, they loved Lady Camden's runway and her acting, and they thought Bosco's acting performance and runway stood out.

During the secret panel, Jorgeous didn't pop in the PSA, Angeria's dress didn't fit, Jasmine needed more in the PSA, Orion had no persona in the PSA, Lady Camden was a great actress, and Bosco had strong confidence in the PSA.

Orion Story is in the bottom two. Lady Camden is safe. Bosco is the winner of the Maxi Challenge. Angeria is safe. Jasmine is safe. Jorgeous is in the bottom two.

"My Head and My Heart" by Ava Max is the lip-sync song.

Jorgeous outdances Orion. Both do tricks, but Jorgrous blows everyone away, Orion kicks off her shoes and her wig starts sliding back.

Jorgeous wins the lip-sync.

Orion Story doesn't have the golden bar. She is eliminated.


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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 14 Episode 5 Quotes

[In confessional] Alyssa just got told to go home. Honey, she didn’t have the golden ticket where the Wonka didn’t pop up out of nowhere. The chocolate bar sent the girl packin’.

Kornbread "The Snack" Jeté

[In confessional] I know what the judges want to see now. So, if they want “monster” and they want “Scary Kerri,” they’re gonna get Scary-Motherfucking-Kerri, period.

Kerri Colby